DemiCon 25 Masquerade and Cosplay - Online Registration Form

DemiCon 25 Masquerade and Cosplay - Online Registration Form -- IMPORTANT: Due to our director's schedule, the cutoff for online masquerade registration is Friday, April 18th. After that date, masquerade entrants must register at the convention. At-the-con masquerade registration must be submitted by noon on Saturday if a tech rehearsal is required. Please familiarize yourself with our rules and procedures page before filling out and submitting this form. You will be asked to acknowledge that you have done so at the end of this form --
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* Required information.
Primary Contact Full Name: *
Primary Contact Email: *
Primary Contact Phone Number: *
Entry Classification: *
Name of Entry: *
Complete name(s) of entrant(s): *
Check here if your entry has masks or otherwise limits vision
Check here if your entry includes oversize/tall elements or limits mobility
If you have other special needs, please describe them here (remember: surprise the audience, NOT the masquerade staff!):
Check here if you wish to forgo a tech rehearsal, and simply do a walk-on
Check here if you will be providing an audio file to accompany your presentation
If you declined the opportunity for a tech rehearsal, or you are not providing your own audio file for your entry, and you would like us to provide you with one of our pre-selected background music tracks, select your desired music style:
Emcee Script (optional; note that if you forgo a tech rehearsal, the emcee can only read your script in ADVANCE of your entrance):
Check here if do NOT want the emcee to read your entry name before your entrance
Anything else you want to tell us or ask us? Type it here:
IMPORTANT: You must read the following waivers and check the boxes below to indicate your acceptance of the masquerade/cosplay terms. Failure to accept the terms and mark the checkboxes will disallow your participation in this year's event.
I have read the rules and procedures page (see link at the top of this page), and agree to abide by them. *
I understand that participants in the DemiCon 25 Masquerade/Cosplay will be photographed and filmed. I agree to hereby waive all rights associated with the publication and distribution of such photos and videos, and grant the Des Moines Science Fiction Society and/or DemiCon permission to use my Masquerade/Cosply likeness for editorial and promotional purposes. I further agree to hold harmless DemiCon 25 and the Des Moines Science Fiction Society LTD in all aspects relating to my participation. *
Date: *
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