Self-Run Programming



Last year we had a couple self-run activities that put you in charge. Hey, let's do it again!

You choose how much time you wish to take and what you do. Just follow the activity's directions, and away you go. Take a look!

The DemiCon Cardio Loop


You say you want a way to start exercising? Or perhaps you are missing your regular workout because you are at the Con? We have the solution for you the DemiCon Cardio Loop! The Cardio Loop is operational from 10 am to 2pm Saturday, and is an "at your own pace" activity. Simply go to the Hub to sign up, find the stairwell, and start climbing those stairs! Climb to the 5th floor, walk down the hallway, and descend on the other side. Return to your starting point and you have made one loop! Make as may loops at you want, and when you're finished, return to the Hub to pick up your "I survived the DemiCon Cardio Loop" button. There is a place on the button to record the number of loops you completed. Remember, each journey starts with a single step, and you can start that journey and keep it going here!


The Journey of a Thousand Steps


As part of the DemiCon Cardio Loop, we have marked out an option for The Journey of a Thousand Steps. For this option, start in the lower level of the hotel at the junction of the hallway past Registration. The starting place will be marked. Walk toward the main staircase, go up the stairs and left to the elevator bank on the first floor to where the start of the Cardio Loop is marked. Complete two Cardio Loops, then walk back to the Thousand Steps starting point in the lower level to complete the journey. Two of our test subjects managed this in 1000 steps. Your journey may have fewer steps or more steps based on your stride.


Where is Tadao?
Unfortunately Tadao can not join us but his War Doctor Double can. You are welcome to check out Tadao from the Hub in 30 minutes increments and take him around the convention to take pictures with him. 


Come to the Hub at the bottom of the curvy stairs. Write your name and badge number down on the sign out pages when taking out Tadao.  


Please ...

  • Keep Tadao dry, clean and in good shape.

In other words...

  • Do not feed or pour drinks over Tadao.
  • Do not take Tadao swimming.
  • Do not steal Tadao.
  • Do not knock off Tadao's head as you walk through doorways with Tadao... he is 6 feet tall. 
  • We like Tadao and want to keep him around and in as good of shape as we possibly can.
  • The Hub attendees have the right to refuse Tadao being taking out by those who have imbibed to much and may put Tadao in a harmful situation. 
  • Take pictures of Tadao. Post on the web at Instagram with #whereistadao as header or We will see if we can figure out where Tadao is located.  
  • Keep Tadao's online photos PG.
  • Return Tadao when your time is up.

Special thanks to 
Christine Amarantus for the use of her picture. 



One of My Favorite DemiCon Costumes


There are some amazing costumes at DemiCon and sometimes you want to show your appreciation.  This year take a couple of the cards provided and hand them out to those who costumes you love.  Maybe write a "LOVE IT" note on the back of the card. 

The recipients can take these cards, putting them on a safety pin or lanyard hooks to wear them around. The more each person gets, the cooler it looks and fans out.  These cards are located in the Hub at the bottoms of the curvy stairs. 


Play-To-Win Special Events


This year we are trying a great idea for all gamers.  We have a couple of innovative and fun games that have been donated by some gaming fans and gaming businesses.  We are going to do a Play-to-Win event through the convention.  Groups are encouraged to borrow the Play-to-Win games, and when around of play is completed, pass the game on to the next group of players. Then, put your name with badge number in a drawing at the end of the convention to win the game.  You must be present at the DemiCon Closing Ceremonies to win.  This is a great way to try out some new games on the market and maybe take it home with you. 



  • Check out the game of your choice from the Hub, located at the bottom of the curvy stairs lower level.  
  • Put your name and badge number on the sheet to check it out.
  • Play the game.
  • Return the game to the Hub.
  • Everyone that played the game can put their name and badge number down on the sheet provided.
  • Those list of names will be placed in a drawing.
  • Show up at closing ceremonies. You must be present to win the game you played.
  • Most of all - HAVE FUN!



Scavenger/Trivia Hunt

In the works, we will have a page just for those who want to hunt up some trivia as well as Scavenger around for some truths. They will be located in the Hub area. Pick up and fill out, then drop off by the deadline. More to come soon.

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