Build A City


This contest combines it all: creative construction and rampant destruction!

The destruction comes when Children’s Programming offers their convention participants an array of buildings to smash to the ground. Think of Godzilla or any of the other cinematic creatures as they blithely reduce a major city to rubble. That is the goal.


The construction comes before the Monster Smash when cardboard boxes are turned into buildings or other parts of a landscape. To reward creativity, there will be prizes for the best constructs. Just remember, all entries will be subject to destruction.


Not a child but want to participate in the destruction? Don’t worry. Plans are being developed to auction off an adult Monster Smash with the proceeds benefitting the convention’s charity.


If you don’t want to participate in the contest, please feel free to help create buildings anyway. If you have plain boxes to donate, bring them to any DMSFS meeting before the convention. 


Prizes will be awarded for the following: (1) Children’s Favorite, (2) Best Steampunk Theme; (3) Most Realistic; (4) Best Fantastical, (5) Best Multi-Box Children’s Smash, and (6) Best Multi-Box Adult Auction Smash.



*All boxes and constructs must be safe for a child to crush. The best boxes include cereal boxes and egg cartons. Sturdier boxes, such as those used for oats, are not acceptable. 


*All tools used to secure the sides of boxes or to build multi-box constructs must be safe for a child to crush. These include items such as masking tape and child-safe glue. 


*All materials used for creating designs must be safe for a child to crush and non-harmful to an indoor location. These include water-soluble paint and pencils.


*Multi-Box entries are allowed.  For the children’s smash, the size limit is two large boxes (e.g., cereal size). For the adult’s smash, the limit is three large boxes (e.g., family-size cereal). This applies to either vertical or horizontal constructions. Smaller boxes, such as those for hot chocolate mixes, may be used instead of cereal boxes, as long as the overall size limits are met.


*Add-ons are allowed but must not increase the height or depth significantly. For example, if using construction paper to add a shaped roof, the height and depth should be close to the size limits.


Any entry considered inappropriate for smashing by a child will be disqualified.  Designs should be rated “G.”


Deadline for entry is Friday night of the convention. The date when entries will begin to be accepted will be announced later but it is anticipated to be in early April, 2014. Entries may be constructed before the convention or created at a Friday night Preparation Event.  There is a limit of three entries per person.  

Bring with your entry.  Build a City Entry Form



For questions about allowable materials, contact


For other questions, contact


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