Susan Leabhart

We welcome Susan as our Toastmaster for DemiCon 25.  This lovely lady hails from DAGOBAH, Davenport Area Gathering of Books and Humanoids.  This Science Fiction and Fantasy book discussion group has been meeting at the Davenport Public Library for more than 25 years.  Susan leads this group and is known as Empress of DAGOBAH.

And, Susan is no stranger to DemiCon.  She has attended all of the DemiCons except the first one, when the need to look after very small children took priority (and those children grew up enjoying DemiCon). Besides having the honor of being our first female Toastmaster, Susan is known for her costuming, steampunk, bellydancing, hand-made journals, as well as hosting, with all her DAGOBAH "minions," the famous "Win Lose or Draw" panel on Sunday at DemiCon.  (That panel has been around since DemiCon 3.)  Just remember, "The Box is Cruel!"

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