FLIGHTS OF FANCY - A Time Travelers' Ball


10 pm to Midnight on Friday


Step off your airship and join us for an evening of music and dancing! You say that you have been to steam punk balls before?  Well, you’ve never been to one quite like this!  We visited the future and can report to you that this will be/ was an evening to remember.  An intrepid group of timefaring musicians will be playing for your dancing and listening pleasure.  The evening’s festivities will feature a Grande March to allow you to display your time traveling sartorial splendor.  Special ribbons will be presented to those time travelers dressed in steam punk attire.  Of course, all manner of time travelers are welcome at these festivities.  We invite you to attend whether you have just popped out of the TARDIS or slingshot around the sun in a Klingon Bird-of-Prey.  Even those who choose to travel through time at the normal rate of speed are welcome to join us in our Flight of Fancy!



Picture by Jason White

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