DemiCon has a wonderful mix of people - friends and family that sometime attend in a herd... ah group.  Please take a look at some of these groups  that help make DemiCon even more special.


  • Des Moines Science Fiction Society or DMSFS is your host for this convention. We are an organization that seeks to work cooperatively with local individuals, organizations, and media to promote a variety of causes. Basically,we are a gathering of central Iowa science fiction and fantasy fans that support the arts of books, theater, costuming, writing, reading and so much more. 

  • The BrassGears Adventurers Society - This group are for those stylish women and men, of the Steampunk World, that crave adventure and Victorian excitement. BAS puts on one heck of a radio show on Sunday besides helping out around the convention any way they can. 

  • Chamber of Champions is a community for people who enjoy playing games that invite depth of strategy and repeated play. From fantasy to science fiction genres they collectively teach, play and master hobby gaming. Visit them online to learn news of upcoming releases, industry rumblings and game reviews. 
  • Crew of the Imperial Klingon Vessel Black Thunder & Imperial Klingon Vessel Emperors Glory - The Klingons are back and they are here to bring justice... okay more fun than anything.  The Crew have decided to take a brake from Galactic domination to raise funds for the conventions Donation - Reach Out and Ready Iowa.  Join them for the Klingon Jail & Bail where you can have your enemies and even your friends arrested for fun. Look for them on Saturday.

  • DAGOBAH - The Davenport Area Gathering of Books and Humanoids is a Science Fiction and Fantasy book discussion group has been meeting at the Davenport Public Library for more than 25 years.  So far the group has tackled such diverse topics as Post-Holocaust Science Fiction, Cloning, Robots & Androids, Utopias, Women in Science Fiction, and Science Fiction & Fantasy movies.  We usually have a great many of these great people attending DemiCon.  They host the game show Win Lose or Draw on Sunday afternoon.  This group is lead by the Empress of DAGOBAH - Susan Leabhart.

  • Team ASAP  DSM-Area FIRST® Robotics Competition Team - This team is comprised of 14 students from 9 different area Des Moines schools. In 6 weeks, the team designed, built, and tested a 120lb robot that can throw a 2ft diameter yoga ball and drive at 20 feet per second. The team recently competed in two regional events (Kansas City and Milwaukee).
  • HOR-RIFF-IC Productions - With the spirit of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and all the added stickiness of buckets of blood, this group tears their more successful brethren to shreds with sharp wit and sharper tongues.  The supply of fresh brains is their only limitation, so no horror movie is safe! This popular group joined us last year as they tore apart a classic horror movie.  So, if you want to dish about horror, this group is for you!

  • IGA - Iowa Gamers Association
  • Iowa Steampunk - This group is for people with an interest in Steampunk in and around Iowa.  They can be found at DemiCon on Steampunk panels or leading the charge for the right to vote for women.

  • The Royal Manticoran Navy - HMS Shiva, BC-430, under Capt. Cindy Jeffers, is one of the Midwest Chapters of the fan association for Honor Harrington and David Weber's Honorverse.  As a fast-growing fan association, they have good resources in place to support their members. 

  • The Barony of Coeur d'Ennui, a branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., is a group that re-enacts the Medieval times as history should have been.

  • The Trans-Iowa Canal CompanyTM - TICC is an eclectic collection of science fiction fans that enjoy parodying science fiction literature, tv shows, movies, and fandom in general. Originally formed in Iowa City, in 1980, its first performance, at ICON VI in 1981, was entitled "Smart Trek." In the past thirtyone years the troupe has grown, with both a Western company, based in Des Moines and an Eastern company, based in Iowa City. Over 170 actors, two stuffed fish, and an inflatable doll have participated in more than 65 performances at science fiction conventions.

  • UNIT -  A group of Iowans (in body or heart) that have come to recognize and at times celebrate the fact that the enjoyment of Doctor Who is all of its divergent forms creates a cerebral, singular, and fantastical sensation that one should not miss or additionally, fail to share with others as we briefly travel together contemplating the mysteries of our collective and communal experiences in this quadrant of the galaxy. 
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