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The Dealer Room tables are SOLD OUT.   Please contact the Dealer Room at to be put on a waiting list
  • Tables are $35 each for DemiCon 25. There is a limit of three tables (or table spaces) per dealer.
  • A membership must be purchased separately for each person working your table.
  • You can reserve your tables by checking the appropriate box on your registration form and including the table cost with your membership payment.  Or, you can use PayPal from the Registration page.
  • If you have already purchased your membership and wish to add a table (or three), you can e-mail us at
  • Let us know if you have any special requirements: wall space, electricity, table space but no tables, specific number of chairs, etc.
  • Tables are not "reserved" until we receive payment. If you do not know if you have sent a payment or are registered, please look on the Dealer Room Page to see the list of reserved dealers, or contact
  • If you send your website information to, we'll create a link on the main dealer page for you!



The Dealer Room will be open for set-up at 9:00 am Friday morning. Dealers may unload at the front door of the Holiday Inn Northwest. You will find the Dealer Room located nearby, in the first section of the ballroom.

View the Dealer Room Layout to see a diagram of the room.


  1. Permit and Sales Tax:  The state of Iowa requires that all dealers collect and remit sales tax on dealer table purchases. If you do not have a sales tax permit you may get a temporary permit by contacting the Iowa Department of Revenue. Please have your tax permit with you during the convention as you will be asked to provide this information.
  2. Weapons:  All edged weapons and other sharp, breakable or potentially hazardous merchandise must be displayed in a safe and appropriate manner. Do not sell swords, knives, etc., to minors without the permission of the minor's parent.
  3. Display:  Please display any adult-themed merchandise in a tasteful manner.
  4. Safety:  No open flames allowed (e.g. no burning of candles, incense, illudim 348, lit canons, etc.). Do not "flow" your merchandise and displays into the aisles or other dealer spaces.
  5. Sound:  Music and Video are permitted in your dealer area. However, please keep the sound to a volume that does not annoy your neighbors. If it is too loud, you will be asked to turn it down.
  6. Food Vending:  Dealers can not sell food items because of hotel regulations on corkage and food vending.  
  7. Membership:  All people working your table(s) must have a DemiCon membership. Badges must be worn at all times.
  8. Set-Up and Tear-Down:  You must vend all three days of DemiCon. You  must be set up and ready for business on Friday at 2 p.m., and continue to conduct business during all of the Dealer Room hours until 2 pm Sunday.  You cannot dismantle your tables until Sunday after 2 p.m.


  • Friday
    Set up:  9 am - 2 pm
    Business:  2 pm - 6 pm
  • Saturday
    Room opens for Dealers:  9:30 am
    Business:  10 am - 6 pm
  • Sunday
    Room opens for Dealers:  9:30 am
    Business:  10 am - 2 pm

Contact/Registration Information



  • If you wish to register via US Mail, please use this registration form.  Fill out a form for each individual attending.  Send your forms and payment to:

DemiCon 25
P. O. Box 7572
Des Moines, IA 50323-7572

Free Advertising on the DemiCon Channel for Dealers

The DemiCon Channel is an in-house channel run on the hotel system.  You are allowed to advertise on the DemiCon Channel with a slide that will be added to the channel in a slideshow layout. 

You are allowed one slide if we are creating it for you. If you wish to create your own, you are allowed two slides that will be exchanged throughout the weekend. You need a 3:5 ratio, 96 dpi. 

On the slide, you are permitted:

  • Name of Business
  • Logo
  • One to three JPEG pictures of your wears, keep pictures PG
  • One line/tagline describing your business

Due date for slides is April 1, 2014. All self-made slides are reviewed for use and may be changed if need be. Send them to


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