LARP (Live Action Role Play)



Remember all the fun you had last year with the Space Cadet LARP on Stella Moat? And with the HG Wells Time Train Mystery LARP?  DemiCon 25 will give you the opportunity to LARP again! Just get ready to be EVIL!!!!

The “Gold Bugs” Steampunk LARP


In 1893- Ronaldo, California was a pleasant little mining town that was supposed to become the county seat. Then Mayor Caltown came to the neighboring town of Kingsford Junction. Next thing you know, Ronaldo's water supply that went through the Kingsford Dam dried up. The gold supply in the bank and at the local gold mine mysteriously vanished. Wells were poisoned, cattle driven off and fields burned in the dead of night by masked men. The town went from thriving to the edge of bankruptcy. 


Then it came. A meteor came roaring out of the night's sky and exploded near the Ronaldo gold field.  Ronaldo's Mayor Sempkins went to investigate and he came back a changed man. He brought together all the townfolk that remained in Ronaldo for one last “party”.


Sempkins said, “They took our water. They took our cattle. They burned our lands and have driven out our people. It is time that the citizens of Ronaldo take something back! It is time that we take back our Gold and reclaim our heritage!”


“The Gold Bugs” is an off-the-wall Steampunk Live-Action Roleplay for 10-15 players who take on the roles of the few remaining citizens of Ronaldo, California that are attempting to take vengeance and steal some gold from a neighboring town. It will be played on Saturday afternoon at DemiCon with LARP registration beginning at 2 p.m. Don't miss this one. It should be fun.

Sign up will start at 2 pm on Saturday of the convention in the LARP rooms (Illinois and Nebraska Rooms). Questions? Email   



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