DemiCon 22: Here Be Dragons!
Dragon Contests Registration -
Dragon Tales; Dragon Tails & Dragon Trails

Dragon Tracks

DemiCon 22 is featuring a number of contests and activities honoring our Dragon Celebration.

Dragon Tales WINNERS and ENTRIES–

Thank you for all the entries for the short story competition

WE are proud to announce the two winners:

A Dragon For Amberlinn by Sarah Macht
A Dragon Tale
by Jason White

Thank you to all who entered. You can read all the entries by following the links below. They were all amazing!

A Year Ago Last October by Bob Cornett

The Dragon Within by Deb Hense

Maiden by W.J. Hodgson

Lost and Found by Nancy McClure

Dragon Tails –

OH MY TAIL’S A-DRAGON! Hall Costume Contest

We had so much fun last year with the special Pirate Hat costuming event, we decided to do something similar once again! In keeping with our dragon theme, the special contest this year will be “My Tail’s a-Dragon,” or, “let’s see who can create the coolest dragon’s tail!” This tail can be any size and anywhere: as part of a bona fide dragon costume, or just a tail placed… well, put on your thinking hat, and get creative! The judge will be found in the “Dragon’s Lair;” directions to the Lair and the time period in which the judge will be present will be included in the notice hanging at Registration. Of course, the winner of this special event will also receive a rosette during Masquerade, and something special as well! But have fun, and GOOD LUCK!

To view the rules and how the Hall Costume Contest is run go to the Hall Costume page.

Dragon Trails –

There will be some Dragon themed games at DemiCon from a scavenger type hunt to a LARP. See below.

There Be Dragons LARP

Technology has allowed us many conveniences. Steam-powered velocipedes now allow us to travel across the land, faster than ever.
Dirigibles allow us to fly over the land, higher than ever.
But some things are still beyond our control... For now.

In this part of the world, life can be unpredictable.
Here, nature still has its mysteries.
Here, people seek power unimagined.
Here, there be dragons...

Dragons of Destiny
DemiCon 22 LARP
1-5pm on Saturday, April 30th

Looking for miners, aircar drivers, London philanthropists and business tycoons, merchants, historians, local constabulary or people who are of one-mind with the dragon; and would like to be part of this Steampunk/Firefly style live action game- please contact Joe Struss ( for more information. You must be registered for DemiCon in order to pre-register for the LARP.

Scavenger Hunt

Details Coming Soon!

Aeronaunts by Sarah Clemens


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