DemiCon 22: Here Be Dragons!
Programming Schedule
DemiCon is fast approaching and the programming is beginning to cool from its gaseous state and slowly condense into a liquid. Soon we'll add some corn starch and solidify it, but things are still in a flux. However, we do know a good number of the events that will take place, just take a look:

Performances, panels and workshops oh my! DemiCon is just around the corner and the programming is starting to take shape. We will be offering so many great opportunities you're sure to find something to interest you at any hour! If you want performances DemiCon is the place to be. Here are some examples:

  • The Trans-Iowa Canal Company is back to wow their audiences with the opening ceremonies
  • Venue D offers the chance for you to perform your own talent!
  • Live music will tantalize your senses.
  • Masquerade entries will amaze and entertain.
  • If you love games, we have all sorts. Play a our version of DemiCon Squares or yell out answers in DAGOBA's version of Win Lose or Draw.
  • Don't forget the gaming room with many choices of games and roleplaying galore.
  • Plus, we'll feature a 4-hour Live Action Role Playing game on Saturday!
Flavia by Sarah Clemens Flavia by Sarah Clemens

Venue D - Have you watched the entertainment on DemiCon's main stage and thought, I can do that? If so, then Venue D is the place for you. We're looking for members that would like to provide five minutes of entertainment: dancing, comedy sketch, stand up comedy, or any other act that you think the audience will enjoy. We will provide the stage, lighting, and sound - you provide the entertainment. Slots are still available. If you'd like to be part of Venue D, please contact us for more information.
5 minute performance spaces still available.

DemiCon Fhannish Film Festival - Get those Cameras running and join us in 2011! You know you have always wanted to make a movie or you have one that is hidden away and you want to show it. Here is your chance! So send your movies our way, you need not attend DemiCon to enter. More information...

DemiCon Blood Drive
 - Once again we will be holding the blood drive on Saturday morning. Please remember to drink plenty of fluids, eat a good meal before donating, and try to increase your iron intake before donating blood. We have had 5 successful blood drives and would like to continue this tradition.
Blood Drive Online Scheduling & Signup.
(You may also sign up at the convention.)

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