DemiCon 22: Here Be Dragons!
Comfirmed Professional Guests
Glen Cook Author~
Glen is best known for his stellar military fantasy series, The Black Company.
Taylor Kent Author ~
Author of The Adventures of The Snarky Avenger Comic
Ralph Ryan Artist ~
More information coming soon.
Scott Ross

Artist & Musician ~
Scott got his first banjo (a Washburn "E") at sixteen and has played old-time clawhammer style ever since. He has worked as a graphic artist, riverboat banjo player, propagandist, and banjo teacher. He collects ray guns, robots, masks, Japanese tea kettles and science-fiction soundtracks, and dabbles in costuming and 3D computer art. Scott holds a B.F.A. in graphic design and an M.F.A. in sculpture from Drake University. A former hippie, he wants to be a computer geek when he grows up.

Stephen Zimmer

Author & Filmmaker ~
Stephen is the author of books such as The Exodus Gate and a maker of films such as The Sirens featured on the Indie Movie Masters CD series Festival of Horrors Volume One.
Swordbearer, Stephen's latest movie will be showen at DemiCon, see the trailer
Lee Killough Author ~
While Lee began by publishing science fiction, her work has evolved into a combination of SF or the supernatural and her other favorite genre, mystery...producing stories about future cops, space going cops, vampire cops, werewolf cops, and ghost cops. To take a look at some of her ebooks please follow this link
Elaine Bergstrom Author~
Lives in Milwaukee, MI . Her first published piece of fiction was her first novel, Shattered Glass (1989). The novel was a critical success and since then, Bergstrom has written five other novels in the series, including Daughter of the Night, which featured Elizabeth Bathory as a half-breed Austra vampire. She also works as a television critic and feature writer. Her interviews have included the novelist David Morrell and director Wes Craven.
Mary Wilson Author~
More information coming soon.
Lettie Prell

Lettie lives in Des Moines, Iowa and has her new book coming out in June 2010.

Dawn Obrecht

Dawn Obrecht is a 34 year old fantasy artist who resides in Iowa. She's happily married to her soul mate and has 3 beautiful little girls. Dawn has been painting fantasy art professionally for 4 years, but has been drawing for as long as she can remember. She is self-taught and works primarily in watercolors with some of her earlier works being done in colored pencil.

Sara Butcher Burrier Artist (Past GOH) ~
"I started drawing a lot in elementary school, working on how to draw Ariel from Disney's "The Little Mermaid". The next memory is of my mom leaving for a trip to California and I drew her a bunch of neon fairies with markers. I believe "Fantasia" sparked that one. Needless to say, I've been drawing fairies for a majority of my life, and haven't stopped. I went from Disney, to Marvel comics, to Manga, and finally in my last years of college I traveled to Scotland and rediscovered my love of fairytales. Back to fairies."
Erin McKee Artist~
Erin has been painting professionally for the past thirty years. However, she's been an artist all of her life. Erin's style blends a realistic style with elements of fantasy. While working primarily in acrylics, pastels, and lately digital media, she has also done works on scratch board and with pen & ink.


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