DemiCon 22: Here Be Dragons!

Consuite Venue - On 5th Floor

Our ConSuite has scoured the galaxy for tantalizing tastes and intoxicating beverages to tempt your palate. While enjoying these exotic delights, you can discuss the Mysteries of the Universe with Klingons, Elves, friends old and new, or perhaps even a professional writer. You may find jigsaw puzzles to assemble, or games in progress, or people sharing memories of cons past. The ConSuite is the perfect place to discuss the panel you just attended or decide what to do next.

Expect to see such delicacies as fresh-popped popcorn; sweet, savory, and salty snacks; fruit and/or veggie trays; and, in the mornings, our revitalizing chicken noodle soup. Other things may materialize from time to time, so stop by the ConSuite often!

No ConSuite would be complete without drinkables. You'll find a selection soft drinks suitable for the discriminating con-goer. We will also provide beer and other adult-oriented potables. Be warned, this is not a consuite for the faint-of-heart. Anything can happen, and often does. However, if you've ever had a drink at Callahan's or a spark at The Draco Tavern, you'll fit right in.

Our best pre-cogs predict occasional outbreaks of "Smooooth". Do not be surprised by extra-dimensional activity, this much fun in one place tends to strain the space-time matrix. Be Prepared! Watch the Skies, er, that is.. this web site for planned surprises.

Consuite DemiCon 21

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For anyone with special requests, please consider becoming a ConSuite Sponsor. If you have any absolute favorites you can't live without, send us the money for the item and we'll be sure it makes it to the table. How about a "Krispy Kreme" fix in the morning or cheesy poofs with toasted onion dip to tease your taste buds? Your reasonable request is our command. Food, drinks or cash contributions are all welcome and greatly appreciated. Your contribution will be acknowledged in the program book and you'll receive a nifty sponsor ribbon on your badge.

Monetary donations can be sent to us at the address below. Please identify any special requests that go with your contribution. And thank you so very much.
DemiCon 22
c/o ConSuite Sponsorship 
PO Box 7572
Des Moines, IA 50322-7572

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