DemiCon 22: Here Be Dragons!
Musical Guest: Wylde Nept
Wylde Nept Poster

DemiCon 22 is bringing to
Des Moines
Wylde Nept
Friday Night, April 29 from
9:30 to Midnight p.m.

To learn more about Wylde Nept go to


Confirmed Musicians for DC 22

Orckes and Trolls (Madcap Folk)
Arrr, ye landlubbers! Come see Orckes & Trolles perform your favorite piratey and Celtic songs at XXXX p.m. on XXXXday. Sing along with this local group who has performed at many Renaissance and Celtic festivals throughout the Midwest. Bring your Jolly Rogers and parrots and booty (hee hee) for a rollicking fun concert!

Beth Kinderman (Geek-Folk)
Based in Minneapolis, Beth Kinderman & the Player Characters have been bringing their geeky, filk-influenced progressive rock music to sci-fi convention audiences across the Midwest since 2008. Beth's unique and complex original songs are inspired by everything from Star Wars to comic books to Battlestar Galactica to zombies to video games to fantasy novels and beyond. They have released three CDs so far, the most recent of which, "More Songs About Robots & Death," features a blend of original humorous material and cover songs. The band consists of Justin Hartley (percussion, accordion), Elizabeth Greenberg (vocals, keyboards, violin), Beth Kinderman (vocals, guitar), and Dave Stagner (guitar). They're thrilled to be back at DemiCon for the fourth year in a row to share their music.

Ka Klick Martin (aka Bryan Baker) (Modern Folk and Rock)
Bryan Baker has been called many things, but lately his favorite is "The Zombie King". In October of 2010 he released his latest single: Zombie Love Song (if Anyone Eats my Brains) a tender story of love, loss and brains. He's also been writing send ups of Second Life for over 5 years as well as other geeky fare like Robots, Vampires and Ninjas. He is the guitarist and one of the lead vocalists for the band The Grape Ape Trust which will join him today, mixing fun eclectic covers with geeky originals. The Grape Ape Trust consists of Bryan, who you've already read too much about, Justin Chastain on keyboards and vocals, Eric Jones on Bass and the right reverend CW Smith on percussion and vocals.

Candles Enough - More infortmation coming soon.


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