DemiCon 22: Here Be Dragons!
Gaming Venue
DemiCon will feature scheduled and open gaming events and the gaming room will be available throughout the entire convention.

We are looking for Game Masters to run games at the convention. If you'd like to schedule a game for convention attendees, please contact us at gaming(at) and be sure to include the system, number of players, and the skill level needed.

DemiCon will also feature a short Live Action Role Playing event this year! The LARP will run in a single 4 hour slot so you don't need to be in character while sitting in programming events or trying sing a filk song. More details below for Dragons of Destiny!

Various board games and card games will be available for anyone to play in the gaming room. You are welcome to bring your own games and setup in the gaming room and the convention will be full of 'volunteers' to fill your table. Donations of new games are always appreciated. Spontaneous games of Dalmuti, Munchkin or Mah Jongg have been known to occur. Come and join in the fun!

Be sure to check back soon for a complete schedule!

LARP from 20102010 "Pirate of Providence" LARP


Aeronauts by Sarah Clemens


There Be Dragons LARP

Technology has allowed us many conveniences. Steam-powered velocipedes now allow us to travel across the land, faster than ever.
Dirigibles allow us to fly over the land, higher than ever.
But some things are still beyond our control... For now.

In this part of the world, life can be unpredictable.
Here, nature still has its mysteries.
Here, people seek power unimagined.
Here, there be dragons...

Dragons of Destiny
DemiCon 22 LARP
1-5pm on Saturday, April 30th

Looking for miners, aircar drivers, London philanthropists and business tycoons, merchants, historians, local constabulary or people who are of one-mind with the dragon; and would like to be part of this Steampunk/Firefly style live action game- please contact Joe Struss ( for more information. Your must be registered for DemiCon in order to pre-register for the LARP.

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