DemiCon XV was wonderful
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DemiCon XV
April 30 and May 1-2, 2004

Breaking news below

The Ultimate Earth

Breaking News

  • Oops. As you may have noticed the written directions to finding the Hotel Fort Des Moines are not accurate on the Spring Flyer. The map, however, is excellent. Our recommendation is that you use either the 5th or 7th street exits off of I-235 and travel south to 10th. You may also visit the DemiCon Hotel Directions page for alternate directions.
  • DemiCon XV is proud to welcome Alan Gutierrez as our Artist Guest of Honor. More information available at our Artist Guest of Honor page.
  • We are also proud to announce a concert featuring Folk Underground, Lojo Russo and Adam Stemple, as well as a Flash Girls reunion! More information is available at our Music page.
  • The Masquerade has been moved to 7:30 PM (19:30) on Saturday. More information is available at our Masquerade page.
  • The Art Auction has been moved to 6:30 PM on Saturday. We are looking forward to a great year for Art at DemiCon.
  • Adam Stemple will be doing a ghost reading from his new novel Singer of Souls, with voiceover artist Trevor Hartman doing the reading and Adam providing musical accompaniment.

Featured Events

  • Concert featuring Folk Underground, Lojo Russo and Adam Stemple, as well as a Flash Girls reunion! More information is available at our Music page.
  • Trans Iowa Canal Company presentation of Fnord of the Ringsafter opening ceremonies. More information available here.
  • Trans Iowa Canal Company presentation of TICC After Dark III: Moulin Smooth (some adult content) late Saturday night. More information available here.
  • This year DemiCon will feature several participatory music events. There will be a folk jam on both Friday and Saturday nights. There will be a filk jam on both nights as well. Additionally, there will be a drum jam on Saturday night. More information available on our Music and Programming pages.
  • Gaming event "The End of the World of Darkness" taking place with all White Wolf titles. More information coming soon.

Welcome to DemiCon XV, brought to you by 2 Babes and a Klingon. This is our 15th Anniversary and it is promising to be a DemiCon-A-Fanalistic-XV-Fun-A-Liscious Good time. We have fantastic Guests of honor in Authors Emma Bull and Will Shetterly , famous for their "Bordertown Series"; Artist Guest Alan Gutierrez whose realm of art ranges from fantasty to space scapes to anime; Phan Guest Rusty Hevelin who has been with us since DemiCon 1; Toastmaster Tadao Tomomatsu , our very own Favorite "Uncle Albert". We will again be at the Historic Hotel Fort Des Moines. Register now using paypal.

There will be many planned activities to catch everyone's interest, as well as unplanned, spontaneous events and conversations. DemiCon has been known to rekindle old friendships, encourage new ones and provide a comfortable atmosphere for everyone to enjoy the weekend.

Some of the planned activities that can be found at DemiCon this year include, but not limited to:

  • Numerous Panels and Discussions
  • Theatrical presentations
  • Ongoing gaming
  • Masquerade for all ages
  • Twenty-four hour consuite for snacking and conversations
  • Shopping
  • Spontaneous, random conversations that will possibly change your life forever
  • Much, much more as the preparations evolve
DemiCon XV
April 30 and
May 1-2, 2004
Des Moines

Guests of Honor

Author GoHs
Emma Bull
Will Shetterly

Artist GoH
Alan Gutierrez

Fan GoH
Rusty Hevelin

Tadao Tomomatsu

Ghost of Honor
J.R.R. Tolkien

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