DemiCon XV was wonderful
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Last year's music room exceeded even our wildest expectations. So we are, of course, going to do it again this year. We will, once again, feature a mix of performances, jamming, circles, and panels.

Amalgam Concert

This year we have a special treat for you. Taking advantage of having Emma Bull as a guest, we will have a concert Saturday evening in the Grand Ball Room, following the Masquerade judging. We proudly announce an amalgam concert featuring Emma Bull, Lojo Russo, Adam Stemple, Lorraine Garland, Trevor Hartman, and Paul Score. You may recognize their names from the bands Cats Laughing, The Flash Girls, Folk Underground, Funks Grove, Boiled in Lead, Tim Malloys as well as Lojo Russo's solo touring. So be sure to come for two and a half hours of the astounding mix of this concert.


A musical performance is, well, a musical performance. Basically, the performer gets up on stage, performs, and the audience listens and enjoys. I'm sure you all know the drill. So what makes the DemiCon Music Room different from, say a bar? Well, for one thing, it's not all icky and smoky. For another thing, it's just down the hall from the consuite: close enough to get snacks, but far enough away that our noises will not conflict with one another. For yet another thing, we have some of your more unusual acts. The performers are musicians who are also fans, so things are certain to get interesting. As of this writing, we are still accepting musicians who wish to perform. We are also currently investigating the feasibility of purchasing amplification, but if you wish to bring your own, you are welcome to do so. If you wish to perform, please email us at so that we can start working out where to fit you in in the schedule.

  Confirmed musicians:
Flash Girls (Folk/Rock)
Lojo Russo (Folk/Rock)
Folk Underground (Folk/Rock)
Dave Clement (Folk / Filk)
Eric Coleman (Original Rock)
Flatland Ramblers (Celtic)
Orckes and Trolls (Madcap Folk)
Sandy Andina (Original Folk)
ATROPHY (Hard Rock)
Knotty Dog (Celtic / Folk)
Riverfolk (Original Folk / Filk)
Nate and Louie Bucklin (Original Folk / Filk)
Mother Beat (An All-Womyn Rhythm Circle)
Nancy Louise Freeman (Southwestern Folk, Filk, and Blues)


We are still considering ideas for music related panels. If you wish to propose an idea, feel free to let us know by emailing us at

Music Circles

Last year's music circles were a lot of fun. This year, we're going to it all over again with a folk circle on both nights and a drum jam on Saturday. The Saturday drum jam will be structured as it has been in the past, with everyone working together to achieve a synergeous sound that one can dance to. The folk circle will be structured as a standard 'pick, pass, or play' music circle. There will be no set leader, instead the control of the circle will pass around the circle, and each participant may choose to play a song, request a song from another circle member, or pass the choice on to the next person. As before, anyone is welcome to join in on a song. The choice passes from person to person, not the performance. If you have an instrument to bring to a circle, please do so, the more the better.

DemiCon XV
April 30 and
May 1-2, 2004
Des Moines

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