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Guest of Honor - Emma Bull

Two of Emma Bull's favorite childhood memories are of typing out nonsense words on her parents' black Royal manual, and watching the neighbor mow the lawn. She went to Beloit College, where she majored in English, then moved to Minneapolis, where there are two seasons: Snow removal and road repair. (Or, as it sometimes seems, snow repair and road removal.)

There she worked as a freelance journalist and as an editor and graphic designer. She and her husband, Will Shetterly, founded SteelDragon Press to publish comic books and limited edition quality hardcovers.

After that, she moved back to her native southern California, where she would've driven with the top down if she'd had a convertible. And now she's living in beautiful Bisbee, Arizona, where she would ride the range if she had a pony. But she does have a great cowboy hat.

She's written novels, screenplays, a children's book, and short stories. She and Will are members of the Interstate Writers' Workshop, aka The Scribblies. They're also part of the Sacred Flying House, originators of the Talking Beer (Robert Bly, eat your heart out). Emma and Will conduct writing workshops now and then; they've taught in Los Angeles, at Clarion West, the Pima Writers Workshop, and elsewhere.

Emma plays guitar and sings in the Flash Girls, a goth-folk duo, with the Fabulous Lorraine Garland on fiddle. The Flash Girls have recorded three albums. Their most recent is Play Each Morning Wild Queen. She was a member of Cats Laughing, a psychedelic improv folk-jazz band that included Steven Brust, Adam Stemple, and Lojo Russo.

Emma's best-loved book may be War for the Oaks. She and Will made a trailer and wrote a movie script for it in the hope that someday it'll appear at a theater near you.

Used with permission from Emma's website
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DemiCon XV
April 30 and
May 1-2, 2004
Des Moines

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