DemiCon XV was wonderful
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We have run out of dealer's tables. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact

We, again, expect to have plenty of dealers selling a vast assortment of great merchandise, and many fans eager to buy. Dealers' room space is still available, so let us know if you are interested. We also have information on what you can expect to find available.

Tables are $30.00 each. A membership must be purchased separately for each person working. There is a limit of three tables (or table spaces) per dealer. You can reserve your tables by checking the box on your registration form and including the table cost with your membership payment. If you have already purchased your membership and wish to add a table (or three), you can e-mail us at Please remember to let us know if you have any special requirements: wall space, electricity, table space but no tables, specific number of chairs, etc.

While we don't have the official list of who will be attending, we do have information on what was available for purchase last year.

  • Books
  • Anime
  • Videos and DVDs
  • Music
  • Clothing and Costumes
  • Sharp pointy things
  • Jewelry
  • Collectibles
  • Glassware
DemiCon XV
April 30 and
May 1-2, 2004
Des Moines

During the convention, this was a form allowing you to contact the appropriate department head.
If you wish to contact the Des Moines Science Fiction Society, please email
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