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DemiCon Costume Contests

  • The Formal Masquerade is scheduled to take place on Saturday May 1, 2004 at 7:30 PM.
  • Contestants are required to attend the Masquerade meeting at 2:00 PM that day and should bring a completed entry form and any music they plan to use. Perferred format for music is compact disc.
  • Contestants are required to take a rehearsal walk across the DemiCon stage. For the convenience of all, rehearsal walks will be scheduled by sign up. All props, music and footwear are to be brought to the rehearsal walk.
  • Adult Contestants must arrive in the green room no later than 6:40 PM. Contestants age 13 and under should arrive in the Green Room by 7:10 PM unless otherwise instructed.
  • There are two categories for competition and one for display.
    • Apprentice - costume designed and executed primarily by someone under 13 years of age on the event date of May 1, 2004
    • Artisan - costume designed and executed by someone 13 years of age or above on the eventdate of May 1, 2004.
    • Exhibition - costume worn for display / non-competitive purposes.
  • The Masquerade Coordinator will be available at posted times duringthe convention to answer questions and assist with forms.
  • Any and all prizes, ribbons andawards are at the sole discretion of the Judges.


That's right folks, the DemiCon Masquerade has a new start time, 7:30 PM! And that's not all! Our Masquerade meeting is later this year, (2:00 PM) and rehearsal walks begin immediately after the meeting. The Green Room call is earlier, too! You may be asking, "What does that mean for me?" Well, if you are a contestant, you will find fewer hours of your day taken up by masquerade prep stuff, which when combined with our earlier start time means that you have much more time to enjoy the convention both before and after the masquerade! Wow!


The DemiCon Photographer will be on hand Friday night to take portrait shots of all Hall Costumes. This year, there will be a special room for this. Photos will be shown at the Masquerade Half-time and Judges' Favorites will be announced at that time. Formal Masquerade contestants will be photographed in the Green Room on Saturday night. The photos will then be available a few weeks after the convention via an online gallery. More info will be available at DemiCon XV.

For those looking for last year's photos, they can be viewed here.

The Hall Costume Contests

This is the very casual costume contest and there are no forms to fill out. Simply wear your costume on Friday night between the hours of 9:30 PM (21:30) and midnight. Our roving judges will come to you! You will know if they have seen you because they will give you a Hall Costume participation ribbon. Attach the ribbon to your badge and you can wear it all weekend! Judges' Favorites will be announced Saturday night during the half time of the formal masquerade. Remember, costumes worn in the halls on Friday are NOT eligible to compete in the Formal Masquerade on Saturday.

The Formal Masquerade

This is the very structured costume contest. There are entry forms to fill out as well as a meeting and rehearsal walk to attend. There are rules and guidelines. (Uh, do you sense a theme here?) Contestants get to strut their stuff on ourgenerous stage in front of a live audience. Contestants can include theatrical sound and lighting to enhance their presentations.

Please check out this year's Masquerade rules.

For any questions, clarifications or considerations not addressed by the rules or general information please email: prior to April 26, 2004. But why wait? Start asking your questions now! This year we are going to attempt to get your entry information electronically. For info, please email the above address.

DemiCon 15 Masquerade Rules

  1. All participants mustbe registered members of DemiCon XV.
  2. All contestants must complete and turn in the required paperwork and a rehearsal walk. Forms will be available at the convention or may be obtained electronically via
  3. Entries are allowed a maximum of two minutes for presentation. Music to accompany your entry is encouraged. Preferred format is mp3 or CD.
  4. All child participants must be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times.
  5. Costumes that are past winners in any DemiCon Costume Contest are not eligible for competition in the Masquerade and may be worn for exhibit only. This also applies to costumes worn in the Hall Costume Contest on Friday night or any other time prior to the Masquerade while at DemiCon. Commercially available / mass produced costume pieces are not permitted without significant modification.
  6. Costumes must be completed prior to arrival in the Green Room. Emergency repair and final assembly of large props or costumes is permitted.
  7. Weapons of any type must be approved by the Masquerade Coordinator in advance. Only those deemed safe will be allowed on stage. Those using a weapon of any type assume all risk by signing the Masquerade entry form.
  8. The following cannot be allowed on stage for any reason: nudity, pyrotechnics or flame of any type, live animals (service animals excepted), projectiles, liquids, chemicals, foods. Weapons must be approved by the Masquerade Coordinator in advance. Only those deemed safe will be allowed on stage. Those using a weapon of any type assume all risk by signing the Masquerade entry form.
  9. If you are planning something unusual, let us know well in advance. We want to work with you to present your entry at its very best.
  10. The Masquerade Coordinator is sole arbiter of what will be allowed and reserves the right to eliminate an entry that may endanger the audience, participants, or venue. An entry may also be eliminated for failure to comply with any of the previous rules or for any other reason deemed sufficient. Please keep in mind that the rules are here to protect us all. No one has ever been asked to leave a DemiCon Masquerade. By working together, we can keep it that way.

For any questions, clarifications or considerations not addressed by the rules or general information please email prior to April 26, 2004.

DemiCon XV
April 30 and
May 1-2, 2004
Des Moines

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