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Art Show - How to Enter the Art Show

If you are interested in entering the DemiCon Art Show, it is a simple matter of filling out the forms and mailing the art to us, along with a check to cover your hanging fees and return postage. If you do not wish to mail the art to us, you may also bring it with you when you come to the convention. What follows on this page is information that will be of interest to people who wish to enter the art show. Please read this page, and then go on to the forms page to download the forms that you need to use.


  • All art must be science fiction, fantasy, or fannish in nature; we reserve the right to refuse any artwork that does not meet our guidelines. Works may be original artwork or prints, but they must be entirely the work of the artist whose name appears on the pieces. Resales, hand-colored copies of commercially available art, and similar copyright violations, will not be accepted.
  • Pieces must be ready to display. We will not assemble frames, mount jewelry, etc.
  • While all possible care will be taken with your art, DemiCon cannot be held responsible for any damage incurred.


  • Any item available for auction sale or Not for Sale will be in the Main Display Area. Only one copy of a work will be accepted in this area. Any extra copies will be placed into the Print Shop.
  • We do not require artists to reserve display panels in advance, although we would not object if someone wished to give us a "heads up". We will display up to 25 pieces of your artwork.


  • Any item intended for non-auction sale will be placed in the Print Shop. You may wish to consider submitting an extra copy of each print shop item for inclusion in the display area, but note that these copies would then be subject to the normal Main Display hanging fees. You may submit as many items to Print Shop as you wish, but we suggest that you consider submitting no more than five copies of any one piece.


  • To offset the costs of running the art show, we charge fees for the display and sale of your work. In order to offset the cost of starvation, we try hard to sell your work and to pay you as quickly as possible.
  • Each piece entered into the Main Display area is charged a hanging fee of $0.50 if delivered in person, or $0.75 if mailed in. No hanging fee is charged for pieces submitted to the Print Shop.
  • Commission fees are: Main Display area sales, 10%; Print Shop sales, 15%.
  • Unless we receive specific instructions to the contrary, all payments will be made directly to the artist. If payment is to be rendered to another person, such as an agent, we must receive a release form signed by the artist.
  • For artists attending the convention, payment will be available after noon, on Sunday. In order to receive full payment, all sold pieces must be picked up and paid for by the time the artist checks out. If you elect to accept partial payment, the balance will be sent to you when we pay the Mail-In artists.
  • Payments to Mail-In artists will be sent no later than two weeks after the convention.


  • As our computerized accounting system requires extra "up front" time to adequately process mail-in art, mailed art must arrive by Tuesday, April 27, 2004. It is this system which allows us to provide prompt payment during and after the convention.
  • If you cannot make the April 29th deadline, you must call in advance to see what other arrangements can be made. Unless you have arranged for an extension, art arriving after April 27th will be refused.


  • You must include sufficient funds for return postage. If you don't, your artwork will be shipped back C.O.D.
  • If possible, include payment for both shipping and hanging fees in one check (we can figure it out). Your check should be placed in an envelope with the control and bid sheets and packed in the same box as the artwork.
  • We will return your art to you in the same box received, so make sure it (the box) is sturdy and reusable. If your box is not sturdy enough the shipping company may require purchasing of a better box. If all your art is sold, we will not return your box, unless you request otherwise.
  • Art will be returned via UPS. Requests to send art via another service (such as U.S. Mail) will be accepted, but may result in a delay in return shipment after the convention.
  • When returning your art, if you want us to insure your work for more than $100, please include a note telling us the insurance amount needed, and include funds to cover it.


As the post office refuses packages sent to PO boxes, be sure that you send your mail-in art to the following address: DemiCon Art Show
c/o Jon Mohning
1320 17th street
West Des Moines, IA 50265-2315
DemiCon XV
April 30 and
May 1-2, 2004
Des Moines

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During the convention, this was a form allowing you to contact the appropriate department head.
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