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Thank you for visiting the DemiCon 24 Website.

DemiCon, Des Moines' Science Fiction, Fantasy and gaming convention will be celebrating it's 24th year on May 3-5, 2013. We are so very proud to bring all things science fiction, fantasy, gaming and so much more to this great town and state.

Welcome back to those that are family, aka all those who have attend DemiCon in the past. The DemiCon ConCom (convention committee) says hello and thank you for joining us again this year. It will be great to see you!

If you have never been to DemiCon - this is the year to do so! We also know that something like this can be a little bit overwhelming. We are here to put your fears at rest. If you wish to see a small tour of the convention space please click "Tour the Home of DemiCon"

Here is a little guide to what to expect at DemiCon when you first walk in:

The convention opens on Friday, May 3 at 2 p.m. and runs around the clock until Sunday, May 5 ending at 4 p.m. after closing ceremonies. You can attend the whole weekend or a day ... or even three hours to check out what is going on.

Step 1: When you come to the convention you will need to register or pick up your preregister badge.
Click to pre-register and for more information on prices and payment options.

Click to view "What to Expect at Preregistration" or
"What to expect when purchasing DemiCon At the Door Registration"

You might think - "Badge... I don't need no stinkin' badge." Well actually you do. This allows DemiCon staff to know if you are part of the convention and can attend the activities. DemiCon does not "own" the hotel, so please wear your badge at all times at the convention.

So where do I need to go to register and get my membership/badge?

Follow the signs to the circular stairs in the lobby. At the bottom of the stairs there will be a room, second door down across the hall. This is Registration. Bring your ID and your means of payment to purchase your membership.

Click for more information on prices and payment options.

There are weekend memberships, day memberships, or even an explorer membership. The explorer membership allows you to access the whole convention for three hours, except 5th floor. (5th Floor is the hospitality suite aka ConSuite and also the party floor at night) If you fall in love with DemiCon and want to stay, you can upgrade to a day or weekend membership and have full access to DemiCon. The explorer price goes toward the upgraded membership.

Step 2: Once you are registered and have your badge (must have it on at all times when roaming the convention) you will see that there are a few other tables in this room.

  • The Volunteer Table - if you wish to help out at any time you just go here. DemiCon is run by volunteers - we mean everyone. We can't do it without your help. If you are interested, the people at this table will give you options and explain what exactly you will be doing. Could be five minutes to an hour or two. It is up to you.
    Maybe volunteer to be a Door Dragon
    How to volunteer for Pre-Registration
  • Des Moines Science Fiction Society Table - This Table is where you can purchase the con t-shirt and also other items. You can also pre-reg and purchase your membership for the next year's con at a reduced rate. Don't miss out on this opportunity. If you wish to preorder your con t-shirt check back here soon for a link!

Hub (Main Head Quarters): New this year, the glass windowed room at the bottom of the stairs will be used as the convention headquarters. This is known as the Hub. If you have questions, concerns, issues or just need to find someone in charge, you come here.

Step 3: The convention is now open to your own quest. If you purchased a day or weekend membership you will receive a bag of goodies. This bag will have a pocket program and a program book to help you find out what is happening. Opening ceremonies starts at 7 p.m. This is where you are introduced to our Guests of Honor, other guests, meet our "host with the most" Toastmaster Tadao Tomomatsu, and entertained by a performance by the Trans-Iowa Canal Company aka TICC. This science fiction parody acting troupe has been here since the beginning of DemiCon.

At the top of this website you will find drop down menus.

  • Registration Button - Click To prereg for the convention, hotel, Art Show, dealer’s room, and so much more. Some of our events you will need to prereg to make sure you have a spot. You will be able to register online for them. We can not guarantee a spot at DemiCon to sign up.
  • Guest Buttons - This menu list will give you a chance to see who is going to be here. We have an amazing list of guest attending and it keep on growing.
  • Programming Buttons - This menu allows you to view the program schedule...(This is in flux and giggles like Jello until about three weeks out) Also you are able to view some of the specific programming items that are an hour or two.
  • Venue Button - This button cover the areas that are through the whole weekend. Gaming, Anime, Music and so forth. We could not nail them down to one area.
  • Volunteers Button - This convention is run by volunteers and we can't do it without you. Take a look and sign up. If you are not sure about doing something we are working on a few educational videos to walk you through what is expected. You will be able to find these here.
  • Forum Button - This is new and we want to hear from you. DemiCon is the Sci Fi peoples convention. What do you want or experience?
  • FAQ Button - Learn a little more about DemiCon.
  • Links - Learn more about other conventions as well as certain groups that have attended DemiCon. Learn a little bit about the language of the con also.

Hint: One area that gets over looked bythe new attendee is the Hospitality Suite, aka ConSuite. This is located on the 5th floor - follow the signs off the elevators. If you are registered as a weekend or day membership you may visit this area. The ConSuite will open after Opening Ceremonies (usually around 9PM Friday night) and will be open around the clock. There will be a wide range of beverages, munchies, events and wonderful conversation. At night time attendees open their doors for parties. Stop by!

We welcome you! If you have any questions - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. See you at DemiCon 24!

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