Join Us at the ConSuite


First thing you must know the ConSuite (aka Hospitality Suite) is on 5th Floor. Follow the signs when you get off the elevator on the 5th floor.

The ConSuite is the place to refresh, rest, and recharge! Here you will find pourings of potables, scarfings of sustenance, and buckets of banter to stimulate your senses.


Expect to see such delicacies of the Fhannish world such as fresh-popped popcorn, sweets and homemade treats, salty snacks, fruits, veggies, plus a few surprises. In the mornings crawl inside for a bowl of hot chicken soup or some more standard breakfast fare. Make sure to check in from time to time, as the full moon tends to draw out strange and unusual victuals from the hidden realms.


And what would a ConSuite be without something to wash down all that food? The bar is well stocked and ready to serve during the posted evening hours, while soft drinks such as soda, tea, and coffee will flow throughout the entire con. If you have suggestions for a particular concoction, be sure to bring your ideas to the ConSuite! We can’t guarantee anything, but we’ll certainly take all requests under consideration.


Be a ConSuite Collaborator! If you’re feeling particular generous, we’d be happy to help put that good feeling to use! Feel free to drop off donations of cash, checks, edibles or drinkables at the ConSuite. Everything will go towards making an even better spread, and we’ll let everyone know just how COOL you are! If you contribute $25 or more, you receive a nifty sponsor ribbon for your con badge.



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