Self Run Panels


Last year we had a couple self run panels that put you in charge. Hey, let's do it again!

You choose how much time you wish to take and what you do. Just follow the panels directions and away you go. Take a look!

The DemiCon Cardio Loop


You say you want a way to start exercising? Or perhaps you are missing your regular workout because you are at the Con? We have the solution for you; the DemiCon Cardio Loop! The Cardio Loop is running from 10 am - 2pm Saturday and is an "at your own pace" activity. Simply go to the Hub to sign up, find the stairwell, and start climbing those stairs! Climb to the 5th floor, walk down the hallway, and descend on the other side. Return to your starting point and you have made one loop! Make as may loops at you want and when finished, return to the Hub to pick up your "I survived the DemiCon Cardio Loop" button. There is a place on the button to record the number of loops you complete. Remember, each journey starts with a single step, and you can start that journey or keep it going here!


The Journey of a Thousand Steps

As part of the DemiCon Cardio loop we have marked out an option for The Journey of a Thousand Steps. For this option, start walking in the lower level of the hotel, at the junction of the hallway past Registration. The starting place will be marked. Walk toward the main staircase, go up the stairs and left to the elevator bank on the first floor to where the start of the Cardio Loop is marked. Complete 2 Cardio Loops, then walk back to the 1000 steps starting position in the lower level to complete the journey. 2 of our test subjects managed this in 1000 steps. Your journey may have fewer steps or more steps based on your stride.



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