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Hey! Is this thing on?  Testing … 1 … 2 … 3 …
Demicon has a podcast!  It’s kinda irregular. In fact it’s VERY irregular. However, it is a lot of fun. We talk about past and future guests. We talk about Science Fiction, Fantasy books and movies. Sometimes we play a little music or tell a joke. We might have an interview or...well… almost anything. It’s just our little way of keeping the fun of DemiCon going all year long.
Now this is the part of the show where I should tell you the URL of the podcast.  Problem is: it’s gonna change. And I don’t know what it will change TO.
SO … search iTunes for ‘Demicon Podcast’. Or google us.  We’ll post a link as soon as we have on.
In the meantime, and for awhile (until sometime in June) you can reach us at: 



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