At DemiCon we have many different venues dedicated to a popular subject for the entire convention weekend.  You are so lucky.  Enjoy!


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Konnichiwa! This year DemiCon has a room dedicated to all things Anime!. Join us this as feature not 1, not 2, BUT 4 different Animes all centered around this year’s con them ZOMBIES! Stick around for this year’s continuation of the Miyazaki Studio Ghibli series. Compete to see who can command the greatest hoard in one of our contests and win great prizes!

With viewings, games, and great discussion – We’re sure to have something for you! (more…)

Art Show

We are proud to have Alan M. Clark as our Artist Guest of Honor for DemiCon 27. Clark’s work will be on display along with submissions from other professional and amateur artists.

The DemiCon Art Show is open to all interested artists and allows artists to share their work with our attendees while simultaneously promoting Fantasy and Science Fiction art by helping artists to display and sell their work.


The Art Show is divided in to several categories.

The MAIN DISPLAY area includes original works of art, 3-dimensional art, and single copies of prints of original art. Unless an art piece is marked “NFS – Not For Sale”, our convention attendees may bid on, or buy via quick sale, any pieces in this area. Attendees will also be able to vote for the show’s best amateur artist, professional artist, amateur art piece, and professional piece of art. (more…)

Children’s Activities

Please note, the Children’s Activities room will be a zombie “safe” zone. Please no scary or very realistic zombies!

DemiCon is proud to be a family-friendly convention with a room dedicated to children’s activities.  In addition, the con offers a wide array of opportunities for families to participate together at panels, contests and so much more.

Please be aware that DemiCon’s policies require anyone aged 12 and under to be accompanied by a paid adult at all times while in any of the convention areas. Please do not leave your children unattended.

If you have any programming ideas or questions for our Children’s Programming Department, please contact us by selecting CHILDREN under VENUES & PROGRAMMING using our contact form.



The ConSuite (aka Hospitality Suite) is on the 5th floor. Follow the signs when you exit the elevator. It is a place to refresh, rest, recharge and find quality banter to stimulate your senses.

The bar is well stocked, homebrew is tapped, and we also offer a small selection of non-alcoholic beverages. If you have suggestions for a particular concoction, be sure to bring your ideas to the ConSuite! We can’t guarantee anything, but we’ll certainly take all requests under consideration.

You can also expect to see such delicacies of the Fhannish world as fresh-popped popcorn, sweets & salty snacks, fruits, veggies, plus a few surprises. Be sure to find your way to the 5th floor from time to time (wearing your con badge, of course). While the companions you’ll find there are consistently delightful, the ConSuite’s yummy selections will vary throughout the day.

If you want to be a ConSuite Collaborator or if you’re feeling particularly generous, we’d be happy to help put that good feeling to use! Drop off your donations of cash or checks at the ConSuite. Everything will go towards making an even better spread, and we’ll let everyone know just how COOL you are! If you contribute $25 or more, you receive a nifty sponsor ribbon for your con badge.

Please note that the ConSuite will not be accepting donations of food or beverage at the con. If you wish to donate or have questions about sponsoring, please contact us using the contact form by selecting CONSUITE/HOSPITALITY under VENUES & PROGRAMMING.


Dealers’ Room

Once again, we will have plenty of dealers selling a vast assortment of riches and treasures at DemiCon. The Dealers’ Room is located on the hotel’s main level, and will be open for business during these hours:

Friday — 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Saturday — 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Sunday — 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM


DemiCon 27 Dealers

Angst Novels
Angst series of fantasy novels. A Midlife Crisis in Medieval Times.

Brass Engine Productions
Unique hand made jewelry and accessories, and laser-etched leather and wood hand made accessories.

Dark River Pottery and Forge
Hand crafted custom glazed ceramics.



DemiCon offers three rooms dedicated to gaming throughout the convention.

You must be registered for DemiCon prior to using the gaming venue. Memberships can be purchased at the convention.


Iowa Alley

This year we have added something new – the DemiCon Iowa Artists Alley – to help highlight some of our local artists.

The Artists Alley will be open on Saturday of the convention from 11am to 3pm. It will be located in the hallway just off the lobby of the hotel.

Some of the artists being featured include Steve Baier, Sue Raymond, and Dean Sturtevant.




We have a dedicated Music Room with live bands, music jams and so much more! This room is all music, all the time.

For DemiCon 27 we are excited to be joined by:

  • Three-Fifths
  • Beth Kinderman
  • Bryan Baker
  • Cheshire Moon
  • CW Smith
  • Dan Medeiros
  • Mike Nixon
  • Orkes & Trolles

If you are interesting in joining us please contact our VENUES & PROGRAMMING > MUSIC department head.


You can’t have DemiCon without room parties.

If you are new to DemiCon, you might not know what a room party is. On Friday and Saturday nights of the con, some of our attendees will host parties in their own fifth floor rooms (on the same level as the ConSuite).

Some of the confirmed room parties for DemiCon 27 included:

  • Brass Falcon
  • Brass Gears Tiki Bar
  • Desserts and Karaoke
  • ICON
  • Marshall Willis 50th birthday party
  • Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Royal Manticoran Navy: HMS Invictus



Teen Lounge

Sometimes teens just need a place to get away from those pesky parents.  DemiCon has that place for you!  Teens, ages 13 through 18, are welcome to this area to enjoy games, events, conversation, or just hanging around.  The Teen Lounge is located in the hotel’s lower level, next to the Hub at the bottom of the open staircase.

If you have suggestions for activities for the Teen Lounge, or questions, please use our contact form and select YOUTH under VENUES & PROGRAMMING.