Konnichiwa! This year DemiCon has a room dedicated to all things Anime!. Join us this as feature not 1, not 2, BUT 4 different Animes all centered around this year’s con them ZOMBIES! Stick around for this year’s continuation of the Miyazaki Studio Ghibli series. Compete to see who can command the greatest hoard in one of our contests and win great prizes!

With viewings, games, and great discussion – We’re sure to have something for you!


Attack on Titan

Attack On Titan

An anime so popular, that the final episode was aired in theaters?! …Yea, you know this one’s going to be good.

On the brink of extinction, the only known survivors, and the fate of humanity find themselves backed into a corner. Follow brother/sister duo Eren Yeager and Misaka on their quest to free civilization from the very walls than imprison them, and protect them from the giant flesh eating titans!

Attack On Titan


This is a Zombie

Think chainsaws, zombies…and Sailor moon


You read that right friends. This time though the zombies the good !

Join us for as we see how Ayumu searches for his killer, with his companions the genius Magical Garment Girl, a vampire ninja, and The Lady Deathsycthe herself!

This Is A Zombie