Welcome to DemiCon 27

Des Moines' Annual Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Gaming Convention

If you have never been to DemiCon, this is the year to become part of our family! We know that something like this can be a little bit overwhelming, and we’re here to help you enjoy the con and start your collection of fond DemiCon memories.

The convention opens on Friday, April 29, at 2 p.m., and runs around the clock until Sunday, May1, ending at 4 p.m. after Closing Ceremonies (times subject to change). You can attend for one day or for the whole weekend.

When you arrive at the convention, you will need to register for a badge. DemiCon offers multiple levels of one-day and full-weekend memberships. If you registered on-line prior to the con, your check-in will go faster because your badge will be ready and waiting for you.

You might think, "Badge... I don't need no stinkin' badge." Well, actually, you do. This allows DemiCon staff to know that you are part of the convention and entitled to attend the activities. DemiCon does not "own" the hotel, so please wear your badge at all times at the convention.

We will be updating this site regularly as we get closer to the convention so check back frequently for the latest news and information!

What's new...

Congratulations to the winners of the DemiCon 27 writing contests!

Thank you to all who entered . All entrants deserve a big round of applause for stepping outside of their comfort zones with this year’s wording requirements. The entries will be available for reading at the convention.

In the category of short stories, the winners are:

First Place: The Most Beautiful Girl in the World by Jeannette Roth

Second Place: Resurrecting Zombies by Sarah Macht

Third Place: The Mountain by Danielle Roth

In the category of poetry, the winners are:

First Place: Recycling by Susan Leabhart

Second Place: A Visit from a Relative by Edy Fudge

Third Place: A Sorcerer’s Apprentice by Rose Field


SAY WHAT?!: Dramatic Reading Selections Posted

We have posted the selection for this year’s dramatic reading competition.

To view the selections and get more info on how to participate, check out the Dramatic Reading Competition page.


Are you interested in volunteering at DemiCon 27?

We have updated our Volunteer page to include a list of available volunteer slots, sorted by convention area, with an online sign-up form.

If you sign up online before the convention we will try to list your volunteer shifts on the back of your name badge.

If you prefer to sign-up at the convention, that is cool with us too!

Art Show Artist Registration (UPDATE)

Some artists are reporting issues with registering for the art show using our online submission. If you are not able to log in and complete the information online, were are making PDF forms available that you can fill out instead. Forms and instructions are available on our Art Show Artist Registration page.

Programming Grid is now LIVE!

We have been working diligently since the close of DemiCon 26 to put together a full line up of programming for DemiCon 27. The full DemiCon 27 programming schedule is now available under PROGRAMMING.

When viewing the program grid sorted by time, hover your mouse over the title to see the details.

Looking for a particular panel being hosted by a particular panelist? The program grid sorted by panelist will show you everything a particular panelist is planning to participate in.


REMINDER: Early bird registration rates are available until April 1, 2016

The last day to take advantage of the early bird rate for convention membership is April 1, 2016.

After April 1 you will still be able to purchase your convention membership online, however the rate will increase to the regular at-the-door price.

For more information or to get your membership today, please go to REGISTRATION.


DemiCon 27 T-Shirts Available

Here is the link to order and purchase your official DemiCon 27 t-shirt. We have an agreement with Off World to produce the shirts for us and ship them direct to the convention for you to pick up. We will order a few more to have at the DMSFS table but it is recommended you pre-order so you don’t have to worry about us running out of your t-shirt size.


Are you an artist? Are you interested in being part of the art show at DemiCon 27?

Everything you need to know, including the link to complete your submission and registration paperwork online can be found at on our Art Show Artist Registration page.

General Art Show venue information for convention attendees is can be found under VENUES > ART SHOW.


Participant Registration for Masquerade & Cosplay is LIVE

Calling all cosplayers and masqueraders! Registration for the DemiCon 27 Masquerade and Cosplay is live. Read the rules and other important information and then sign up today!

Masquerade & Cosplay can be found in PROGRAMMING under CONTESTS.

DemiCon 27 is really starting to come together!

Here are just some of the things we have updated on our website that you may not have seen since you visited last include:

  • Play-To-Win under Self Programming
  • April and May DemiCon Lites, which includes our volunteer appreciation event and the pre-DemiCon book signing at Barnes & Nobel
  • Anime room showings under Venues
  • Music room lineup under Venues
  • Confirmed 5th Floor room parties under Venues

And of course, if you are interested in entering the Prose & Poetry Writing Contest or the Sweded Move Trailer Contest make sure you have read all the rules and know the deadlines to make your submissions. All the information you need to know about these contests is under Programming > Contests.