What is DemiCon?

DemiCon is a not-for-profit, volunteer run science fiction, fantasy and gaming convention held annually in the Des Moines, Iowa metro area.

Des Moines Science Fiction and Fantasy Society

DemiCon is hosted by the Des Moines Science Fiction & Fantasy Society.

The Des Moines Science Fiction & Fantasy Society, Inc. (DMSFFS) is an non-profit charity 501(c)(3) organization located in Des Moines, Iowa. It is entirely volunteer run.

DMSFFS strives to inspire individuals and communities to READ, IMAGINE AND THINK; creating a better world through education and support of literacy, science and the arts.

Meetings are generally the second and fourth Fridays of each month. Due to COVID-19 we are currently meeting over Zoom.

To see meeting details, as well as all of the other events we do throughout the year, visit https://dmsffs.org/events.


Feel free to contact us directly using one of the below email addresses, or by messaging our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DemiCon/.

Please remember, we are a volunteer run convention. Please excuse us if we are not able to respond to you immediately. If you think we might have missed your message or haven’t responded timely, please contact concom@demicon.org or info@dmsffs.org.

Head Committee





Venues & Programming

Convention Rules

Weapons Policy

All weapons must use peace-bonding.  No projectile weapons of any type may be carried or used. If you need an item peace-bonded or if you are uncertain your item would be considered a weapon or a prop, go to the Hub, and it will be determined there. Exceptions may be made for certain weapons that are part of the Masquerade & Cosplay competition, provided that arrangements have been made in advance with the Masquerade & Cosplay Department Head.  Exceptions may be made for certain programming events, provided that the ConCom and Ranger staff are informed in advance and a notice is posted on all entrances to the room. Any violations of the weapons policy or refusal to cooperate with the requests of our staff regarding weapons matters may result in actions ranging from confiscation of weapons to being evicted from the convention.

Drinking Policy

The legal drinking age in Iowa is 21. We cannot and will not serve any alcoholic beverages to persons born after May 3, 2003. If you turn 21 during the convention, come see us at Registration so we can arrange a special badge for you.

Programming involving alcohol is intended for audiences of legal drinking age. Refusing to confirm your age will result in removal from that programming.

The barkeep in the ConSuite has the right to card anyone, even if I.D. has been previously presented.

Persons hosting room parties are responsible for ensuring that their guests are of legal age before serving them alcohol.

Anyone serving alcohol has a right and legal responsibility to refuse service to anyone who may be imbibing irresponsibly.

If DemiCon authorities determine that a member’s (attendee’s) level of intoxication poses a risk, the intoxicated member will no longer be served or allowed to possess alcohol in con areas, including open room parties or virtual activities, and may be temporarily banned from con areas. These constraints will be enforced by modifying the left side of the con badge for Friday restrictions, and modifying the right side of the con badge for Saturday restrictions.

Badge Policy

Badges are required for all in-person convention functions for all DemiCon attendees. Any attendee not wearing a badge will be asked to produce it, or be escorted to Registration to obtain a badge, or leave the function space. DemiCon does allow the general public to walk through the Dealers’ Room and Art Show for the purpose of browsing and making purchases. If you lose your badge, report it immediately to the Registration table. If you find someone’s badge, please return it to the Registration table. Burden of proof of lost badges rests with the badge holder, not the convention staff. It’s our decision whether we replace the badge with a charge or at no charge.

Kids-in-Tow Policy

All children aged 12 and under must be accompanied by a paid adult when in convention areas. Parents/guardians are responsible for controlling the behavior of their offspring/wards. DemiCon is not a day care facility.

Concerns and Suggestion Policy

If you have any problems, suggestions or complaints, please contact a DemiCon staff member or go to the Hub, not a hotel staff person (unless the problem is with your personal sleeping room). There is always a radio at the Art Show and ConSuite if you need assistance summoning a Ranger or member of ConCom. After the con, contact the DMSFFS board at info@dmsffs.org.

Respect All Hotel Policies

All areas of the hotel are designated as non-smoking. If you smoke outside, please stand away from the door and dispose of cigarette butts appropriately.

Please follow all pool rules and cooperate if you are asked to leave by our Ranger or by hotel staff. The pool is on the first floor and you need a sleeping room key to access the pool area.

Hotel and DemiCon rules prohibit the ConSuite’s food and all alcoholic beverages from being taken from the fifth floor.

Photo/Video Disclaimer

During the convention, please be advised that unless you expressly prohibit DemiCon’s official photographers/videographers from capturing you on camera, you hereby waive all rights associated with their publication and grant the Des Moines Science Fiction & Fantasy Society, Inc., all publication rights.

Photos are intended for use only as promotional materials to appear in print, television, DemiCon Channel, Internet advertising, the newsletter, social media, and similar, including video.

DemiCon members (attendees) should give the courtesy of asking the subject’s permission before taking a photograph of that person or posting images on social media.

DemiCon Membership Transfers

The deadline to submit a request to transfer your DemiCon 35 membership to next year’s convention is April 15, 2024, if you cannot attend.  This is a straight transfer.  There are no pricing adjustments.  You must contact registration@demicon.org to make your request.  The Registration Department will notify you by e-mail to let you know whether or not your request for transfer has been approved.

If you are transferring your membership to another person who is attending this year’s DemiCon, the person who is attending in your stead must have a letter signed by you giving the person permission to use your membership.  You must notify our Registration Department in writing (an e-mail to registration@demicon.org will suffice) and provide your full name, plus the full name and contact information of the person who will attend DemiCon in your place.  We cannot transfer your membership to another person without your written consent.  We prefer that you arrange the transfer at least a week in advance of the convention.

If you have any questions, please contact registration@demicon.org.

Harassment Policy of the Des Moines Science Fiction and Fantasy Society, Inc., and DemiCon

Definition of Harassment

Harassment is any form of behavior that is unwelcome, unreciprocated and unsolicited which makes an unpleasant, humiliating or intimidating environment for the person who is the target of that behavior.

To provide a safe and welcoming atmosphere for all convention attendees/club members and allow for a wide diversity of beliefs, lifestyles and morals, we will adopt and maintain the following behavior protocols.

If you mean NO — say NO.

If you hear NO — STOP!

If you witness someone having trouble saying or hearing NO — get involved using your best judgment.

If you see harassment, contact Con Staff at The Hub or speak with a designated DemiCon Ranger in your area. If circumstances warrant, intervene as good judgment dictates until a Ranger arrives.

Saying NO

Sometimes out of politeness, people may not be direct when trying to communicate “no.”  We need to make it okay to say “no” and mean “no.”  Do not joke away, ignore, or minimize unwanted attention.  Speak up right away and make your feelings clear.  There is nothing wrong nor is there any shame in saying “no.”

Hearing NO

When someone says “no,” then all relevant actions, verbal and/or physical, must stop immediately.  There should be no questions, clarifications, cajoling, debate, coercion or any continuation of any sort of the unwanted attentions. If someone tells you “no,” you will not wait for it to be repeated, and you will not retaliate in any way.  It is understood that any continuation of the subject in question is incumbent upon the person saying “no” to initiate.

Witnessing an incomplete NO

There are times when we may be witness to someone struggling or unable to voice a “no,” or there may be someone who has not recognized that “no” was spoken.  In either case, we have an obligation as convention attendees/club members to intercede in the situation to make sure all parties reach the correct understanding.

If there is a complaint issued against you

You will have no direct contact of any sort with the convention attendees/club members registering the complaint(s).  This includes voice, written, electronic, and face-to-face contact.  Inadvertent contact during the course of club and convention events is sometimes unavoidable, and must not be used as a method of initiating unwanted attention.

If you see harassment, contact Con Staff at The Hub or speak with a designated DemiCon Ranger in your area. If circumstances warrant, intervene as good judgment dictates until a Ranger arrives.


Failure to adhere to DemiCon’s policies will result in:

1. Mediation by the ConCom and convention’s Rangers with all parties involved in an incident
2. Verbal warning
3. Removal of membership and ejection from DemiCon
4. Contacting local law enforcement

DemiCon/DMSFFS is prepared to deal with any violations of our policies as legally, rapidly, and efficiently as possible. We hope that all members will help to make DemiCon an enjoyable experience for all, by respecting the rights of all attendees while in attendance.

DemiCon/DMSFFS reserves the right to revoke membership and eject any individual at any time from DemiCon. No refunds will be provided.

If you have questions about any of DemiCon’s policies, please concom@demicon.org, our head committee or the DMSFFS Board at info@dmsffs.org.

Infrequently Asked Questions

There is an often-seen phenomena on the Internet that consists of a list of frequently asked questions. These usually consist of questions that new people tend to ask established communities. There is a less-often seen phenomena on the Internet that consists of a list of infrequently asked questions. These are often humorous, and sometimes misleading. Well, we here at the Des Moines Science Fiction & Fantasy Society have decided to combine the two. What follows is a list of questions that are not often asked, but that we feel should be. Please browse the questions (and answers) listed here. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask us!

What time does the convention start?

Registration opens at 2:00 PM (14:00) on Friday May 3, 2024. The Opening Ceremonies start at 7:00 PM on Friday, but we will have various activities starting around 2:00 PM, so show up early for maximum fun.

Note: Schedule is subject to change. See the official schedule when it is posted.

What is the average attendance to DemiCon?

DemiCon enjoys an average attendance of around 500 people.  Our members (attendees) are all ages from all over the United States.

What is “Opening Ceremonies”?

Opening Ceremonies is the official kick-off for the convention. The Guests of Honor will be introduced, along with other attending guests and the convention steering committee (ConCom). This is followed by a performance by the Trans-Iowa Canal Company West™, an amateur theater troupe specializing in science fiction oriented comedy.

Do I have to wear a costume? Can I wear one anyway?

You do not have to wear a costume to enjoy DemiCon. Just show up as yourself and join the fun. Some people choose to wear costumes, and they will run the range from festive party clothing to the bug-eyed monster of the week. You may see Klingons, vampires, pirates, superheroes, steampunk costumes, and whatever else our creative attendees can imagine.

Are there costume contests?

Yes! There are two costume contests at DemiCon — the Hall Costume contest on Friday night, and Masquerade & Cosplay on Saturday night. Please review the rules for these events.

Are there activities for all ages?

Most of the activities and events at DemiCon are suitable for all ages. Activities for specific age groups will be labeled on the event schedule.

What about “adult” themed events?

DemiCon offers a wide range of programming choices. If content of a program or event is intended for “mature audiences only” it will be clearly labeled.

Does DemiCon provide daycare?

No, DemiCon does not provide any daycare.

What about parking at the Holiday Inn Northwest hotel?

There is plenty of free parking in the hotel’s parking lot.

Do I have to stay at the Holiday Inn Northwest to attend DemiCon?

Of course not! You may come and go as you please from the convention. You are free to stay or not stay anywhere you choose, including but not limited to, your home, your car, a castle, a dragon’s lair, an alternate dimension, or a Hobbit hole. Remember to bring your badge with you each time you return to DemiCon from that alternate dimension, as the badge is required for admission to the con.

What happens at DemiCon?

DemiCon has many activities both planned and unplanned. The planned activities tend to involve entertainment, discussions, educational events, and workshops. The entertainment ranges from video to live theater to live musical performance. The discussions range from old and new issues in literature to what to expect from the new television seasons. The educational events involve panels on science, science fiction, fantasy, literacy, writing, the arts and so much more.  Workshop topics vary year to year and can cover projects involving writing, costuming, gaming, theater, music, programming, and art. The unplanned activities vary even more, but generally seem to involve a lot of talking to old friends, making new friends, playing games, and exploring new places to eat lunch, supper, dinner, late dinner, later dinner, latest dinner, and desert. For specific information on planned events, please refer to the Programming page.

What is the cost to attend DemiCon?

Preregistration on-line before April 1, 2024

  • $55.00 weekend adult (full con access)
  • $20.00 weekend child 5-12 years of age (full con access)
  • Free for children 4 and under

At-the-door registration

  • $65.00 weekend adult (full con access)
  • $25.00 weekend child 5-12 years of age (full con access)
  • Free for children 4 and under

There are also a variety of day passes. For more information please see the Registration page.

Gee, that seems like a lot of money. Can you explain?

The convention begins on Friday at 2:00 p.m. and runs straight through, 24 hours a day, until 4:00 p.m. Sunday (times subject to change). The cost of the regular membership actually works out to around $1.30 an hour for a whole bunch of fun and entertainment, and includes refreshments available in the Hospitality Suite on the 5th floor.

Hey, I want to advertise in your program book! How much does it cost?

The program book’s advertising rates are:

Inside Front Cover (live area 5″ x 8″):  $75
Full Page (live area 5″ x 8″):  $60
Half Page (live area 5″ x 3 7/8″):  $35
Quarter Page (live area 2 3/8″ x 3 7/8″):  $20

Contact publications@demicon.org to submit an ad to us. The deadline (subject to change) to have an ad placed with us is March 31, 2024.

Archive of Past DemiCons

Starbase DemiCon: A New World

Author Guest of Honor: Rachel Aukes

Artist Guest of Honor: Carter Allen

Music Gust of Honor: Cheshire Moon

Toastmaster: Mitch Thompson

DMSFFS Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients: Amanda Arthur-Struss and Joe Struss


The After: DemiCon 2022 — May 6-8, 2022

Author Guest of Honor: Cory Doctorow

Artist Guest of Honor: Andy Brase

Fan Guest of Honor: John Johnson

Toastmasters: Tadao Tomomatsu


DemiCon 32 – April 30-May 3, 2021

Super Manga Graphic Novels Comics Animation


Guest of Honor: Lettie Prell

Guest of Honor: David Pancake

Guest of Honor: Alison Johnstun

Fan Guests of Honor: Dana Hinterleitner and Bruce Hinterleitner; Orlando Winters

Toastmasters: Mitch Thompson & Susan Leabhart

DemiCon 31 – May 1-3, 2020

Legion of DemiCon


Author Guest of Honor: Lettie Prell

Artist Guest of Honor: David Pancake

Fan Guests of Honor: Dana Hinterleitner and Bruce Hinterleitner

Toastmaster: Mitch Thompson

DemiCon 30 – May 3-5, 2019

It’s About Time


Author Guest of Honor: Gail Carriger

Artist Guest of Honor: John Picacio

Timeless Guests of Honor: Joe Haldeman and Gay Haldeman

Fan Guests of Honor: Becky Kinnamon and David Winterton

Toastmaster: Susan Leabhart

DemiCon 29 – May 4-6, 2018

Down the Rabbit Hole


Author Guest of Honor: Christina Henry

Artist Guest of Honor: Christine Mitzuk

Fan Guest of Honor: Susan Leabhart

Toastmaster: Mitch Thompson

DemiCon 28 – May 5-7, 2017

Heroes Shall Rise


Author & Publisher Guest of Honor: Lars Pearson

Artist Guest of Honor: Ron Wagner

Fan Guest of Honor: Richard Harper

Toastmaster: Susan Leabhart

DemiCon 27 – April 29-May 1, 2016

Zombies Always Ring Twice


Author Guest of Honor: Adam J. Whitlatch

Artist Guest of Honor: Alan M. Clark

Fan Guests of Honor: Gary & Erin Wickering

Toastmaster: Tadao Tomomatsu

DemiCon 26 – May 1-3, 2015

The Magical World of DemiCon


Author Guest of Honor: Jim C. Hines

Artist Guest of Honor: Megan Lara

Fan Guests of Honor: Michelle Clark

Toastmaster: Tadao Tomomatsu

Wizard of Honor: Harry Dresden

DemiCon 25 – May 2-4, 2014



Author Guest of Honor: Tee Morris

Musical Artist Guest of Honor: Lojo Russo

Fan and Costuming Guests of Honor: Kevin Roche & Andrew Trembley

Toastmaster: Susan Leabhart

Ghost of Honor: Nikola Tesla

Hall of Fame Guests of Honor: Gay and Joe Haldeman

24 Karat DemiCon – May 3-5, 2013

Celebrating the Golden Age of Science Fiction


Author Guest of Honor: David Weber

Artist Guest of Honor: Scott Ross

Fan Guests of Honor: Mitch and Mary Thompson

Toastmaster: Dennis Lynch

DemiCon 23 – May 4-6, 2012

Full Moon Fantasy


Author Guest of Honor: Patricia Briggs

Artist Guest of Honor: Allen Williams

Fan Guests of Honor: Ange & Brian Anderson and Moon Mike (aka Adam Selene)

Toastmaster Emeritus: Rusty Hevelin

Toastmaster: Tadao Tomomatsu

DemiCon 22 – April 29-May 1, 2011

Here Be Dragons


Author Guest of Honor: Sarah Prineas

Artist Guest of Honor: Sarah Clemens

Fan Guests of Honor: John and Denise Garner

Dragon Guest of Honor: Tiamat

Toastmaster Emeritus: Rusty Hevelin

Toastmaster: Tadao Tomomatsu

Musical Guest: Wylde Nept

DemiCon 21 – May 14-16, 2010

Everything is better with Pirates!


Author Guest of Honor: Karl Schroeder

Artist Guest of Honor: Don Maitz

Also Featuring Artist Janny Wurts

Fan Guest of Honor: Gregg Parmentier

Ghost of Honor: Sir Arthur C. Clarke

Toastmaster Emeritus: Rusty Hevelin

Toastmaster: Tadao Tomomatsu

DemiCon 20 – May 1-3, 2009

All My Cons Remembered


Author Guest of Honor: Joe Haldeman

Artist Guest of Honor: Sara Butcher

Fan Guest of Honor: Roger Tener

Ghost of Honor: Gene Roddenberry

Toastmaster Emeritus: Rusty Hevelin

Toastmaster: Tadao Tomomatsu

DemiCon 19 – May 2-4, 2008

Back Where We Belong


Author Guest of Honor: Steven Barnes

Artist Guest of Honor: Mitchell Davidson Bentley

Fan Guest of Honor: Joe and Inger Myers

Toastmaster Emeritus: Rusty Hevelin

Toastmaster: Tadao Tomomatsu

DemiCon 18 – May 18-20, 2007

You Can Go Home Again… JustUse Your Imagination!


Author Guest of Honor: Catherine Asaro

Artist Guest of Honor: Theresa Mather

Media Guest of Honor: James Koro

Fan Guest of Honor: Steve Houle (aka Wookie)

Toastmaster Emeritus: Rusty Hevelin

Toastmaster: Tadao Tomomatsu

DemiCon 17 – July 28-30, 2006

Enter the Twilight Zone of Imagination


Author Guest of Honor: Frederick Pohl

Artist Guest of Honor: Janet Chui

Fan Guest of Honor: Ted Poovey and Darice Schirber-Poovey

Toastmaster Emeritus: Rusty Hevelin

Toastmaster: Tadao Tomomatsu

Music: The Great Luke Ski

Ghost of Honor: Rod Serling

DemiCon 16 – July 29-31, 2005

Life, the Universe and DemiCon


Author Guests of Honor: Brad Linaweaver

Artist Guest of Honor: Mike Cole

Fan Guest of Honor: Scott Corwin and Sheila Lenkman

Toastmaster Emeritus: Rusty Hevelin

Toastmaster: Tadao Tomomatsu

Ghost of Honor: Douglas Adams

DemiCon XV – April 30-May 2, 2004


Author Guests of Honor: Emma Bull and Will Shetterly

Artist Guest of Honor: Alan Gutierrez

Fan Guest of Honor: Rusty Hevelin

Toastmaster: Tadao Tomomatsu

Ghost of Honor: J.R.R. Tolkien

DemiCon 14 – May 2-4, 2003

Contemplating the FUTURE


Author Guest of Honor: Octavia E. Butler

Artist Guest of Honor: Lubov

Fan Guest of Honor: Lynda Sherman

Toastmaster: Rusty Hevelin

DemiCon 13 – May 3-5, 2002

Con of the Living Dead


Author Guest of Honor: F. Paul Wilson

Artist Guest of Honor: Alan M. Clark

Fan Guest of Honor: Dennis Lunch

Toastmaster: Rusty Hevelin

DemiCon 12 – May 4-6, 2001

DemiCon 2001: A Con Oddity


Author Guest of Honor: Harry Harrison

Artist Guest of Honor: Sergey Poyarkov

Fan Guest of Honor: Tadao Tomomatsu

Toastmaster: Rusty Hevelin

DemiCon 2000 – May 5-7, 2000 (DemiCon 11)

DemiCon 2000: Y2K Compliance is Futile. This one goes to Eleven

Author Guest of Honor: Lois McMaster Bujold

Artist Guest of Honor: Susan Van Camp

Fan Guest of Honor: Alois and Wendy Tchampl

Toastmaster: Rusty Hevelin

DemiCon 10 – April 30-May 2, 1999

Generation X: Too old to be Neos…Too Young to be Nostalgic!

Author Guest of Honor: Spider and Jeanne Robinson

Artist Guest of Honor: Nene Thompson

Fan Guest of Honor: Bill Broughton

Toastmaster: Rusty Hevelin

DemiCon 9 – May 1-3, 1998

Plan Nine from Des Moines

Author Guest of Honor: George Alec Effinger

Artist Guest of Honor: William J. Hodgson

Fan Guest of Honor: Marshall and Dee Willis

Toastmaster: Rusty Hevelin

DemiCon 8 – May 2-4, 1997

Sorry, But We’ve Chosen Not to become Evolved – Supporting your Eternal right to Entropy

Author Guest of Honor: Barbara Hambly

Artist Guest of Honor: Mitchell Bentley

Fan Guest of Honor: Charles Piehl

Toastmaster: Rusty Hevelin

DemiCon VII – May 3-5, 1996

God created the heavens and the earth in 6 days…DemiCon VII. We may have taken 6 years with DemiCon but on the Seventh Con, We’ll party

Author Guest of Honor: Algis Budrys

Artist Guest of Honor: Keith Berdak

Fan Guest of Honor: Otto and Ruth Sheller

Toastmaster: Rusty Hevelin

DemiCon VI – May 5-7, 1995

The Undiscovered Con

Author Guest of Honor: Roger Zelazny

Artist Guest of Honor: Vincent Jo-Nes

Fan Guest of Honor: Wilson Tucker

Toastmaster: Rusty Hevelin

The Fifth of DemiCon – April 22-24, 1994

The Smoothest Convention Around

Author Guest of Honor: Glen Cook

Artist Guest of Honor: David Lee Anderson

Fan Guest of Honor: Pierre and Sandy Pettinger

Toastmaster: Rusty Hevelin

DemiCon 4 – March 26-28, 1993

The Dawn of Fan

Author Guest of Honor: Mickey Zucker-Reichert

Artist Guest of Honor: Erin Mckee

Fan Guest of Honor: Mark Moore

Toastmaster: Rusty Hevelin

DemiCon 3 – March 27-29, 1992

My God! – It’s full of Stars

Author Guest of Honor: Rob Chilson

Artist Guest of Honor: David Cherry

Fan Guest of Honor: Myrna Logan

Toastmaster: Rusty Hevelin

DemiCon 2 – April 26-28, 1991

The Voyage Continues

Author Guest of Honor: Joe Haldeman

Artist Guest of Honor: Lucy Synk

Fan Guest of Honor: Gay Haldeman

Toastmaster: Rusty Hevelin

DemiCon 1 – April 23-25, 1990

Witness the Birth

Author Guest of Honor: C.J.Cherryh

Artist Guest of Honor: J.R.Daniels

Toastmaster: Rusty Hevelin

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