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Last Updated 2021-05-01 7:08 PM (19:08 UTC-5)

Welcome to DemiCon 32: Super-Manga-Graphic-Novels-Comics-Animation, online edition. We very much wanted to return to an in person convention this year, but after lots of deliberation we decided another online convention was the best path forward. Despite not being able to meet in person we hope that holding a second online convention will provide another opportunity to digitally connect with our friends and have some much needed respite from social distancing.

This web page will serve as your DemiCon 32 guide, with all the pre-recorded, live, and interactive programming.

All conventions have last minute changes and this event probably will not be an exception! We are going to timestamp this page and the programming grids if there are changes. There is a Discord channel (#website-change-log) where we will be posting specific details about those changes.

All times listed are US Central Daylight Time (UTC-5).

Table of Contents:

Registration, badges and limited edition ribbons

Welcome to at-the-con registration! DemiCon 32: Super Manga Graphic Novels Comics Animation’s online convention is free for everyone.

We only ask that you please sign-in so that we know you attended. Each person who signs in will receive a virtual ribbon now and a limited edition physical ribbon next year if they attend DemiCon 33. (If you also attended DemiCon 31 last year you will be getting two limited edition physical ribbons!)

Please Sign In!

Note: In order to receive a physical ribbon at DemiCon 33 we will need contact information that we can use to match your DemiCon 32 attendance to your DemiCon 33 registration packet.

Every person who paid for a DemiCon 31 OR a DemiCon 32 convention membership will have their registration rolled to DemiCon 33 automatically unless you request a refund. If you have a membership that you would like to be refunded please complete our refund request form.

It is ok if you do not have a DemiCon 33 membership yet. Whether you have a DemiCon 33 membership already, plan to register online later, or want to wait for at-the-door registration we will make sure you receive your ribbons.

Lots of attendees collect their convention badges. Below are some badges for this years convention that you can print for yourself.

Anime/Cartoon your selfie for your badge photo.

This link will allow you “Anime” a selfie. You can use as your avatar for the weekend and paste to your badge if you like. Here is an example Animated Avatar:

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Program Book and Program Grid

Generally speaking this page is your one stop shop for DemiCon 32. It is it has all the links you will need, program grids, downloads, and more.

If you would also like to download a more traditional program book or program grid we have a variety of options available for you.

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Online convention rules

DemiCon 32: Super-Manga-Graphic-Novels-Comics-Animation

  • All policies for a physical con including the harassment policy still apply. See Policies
    • Exception is the badge policy. We do encourage you to sign in and download the virtual badge.
  • Standard social interactions rules apply.
  • Wear appropriate clothes/costume for a family friendly con for visual displays.
  • Use language that is appropriate for the particular event. Most events will be family friendly so please keep language to PG-13 or better.   

Rules for Zoom Meetings and Discord Voice Channels

  • Standard social interactions rules apply.
  • Wear appropriate clothes/costume for a family friendly con. 
  • Use language that is appropriate for that particular Zoom meeting. Most meetings will be family friendly so please keep language to PG-13 or better.  
  • Turn off your microphone and video when not talking.
  • Try not to talk over each other and especially not over the presenter. 
  • Zoom private chat is recorded by Zoom and can be reviewed to see if it is inappropriate for the convention space. (Really! Zoom does save every chat for review!)
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Convention chat; Join our Discord server

We have created a DMSFFS Discord server where all of our convention family can hang out and chat with each other. Discord is a permanent HUB that is available for anyone that wants to get together and chat about DemiCon, DMSFFS, or other shared interests.

Discord describes their service as “the easiest way to communicate over voice, video, and text, whether you’re part of a school club, a nightly gaming group, a worldwide art community, or just a handful of friends that want to hang out.”

It is also free to use and can be accessed via a web browser or from the app on your computer or mobile device. To download and/or create an account visit

Once you are logged in use this link to join our server:

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Donate to the Des Moines Science Fiction & Fantasy Society

All conventions have upfront costs associated with them. If you would like to support our organization and our mission we are accepting donations. As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization any donation you make is tax deductible. You can make donations through our Square site ( or by sending a check to Des Moines Science Fiction and Fantasy Society, PO Box 7572, Des Moines, IA 50323-7572.

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Online DMSFFS Table

Show your support for DemiCon by sporting some sweet swag!

You can purchase everything from cool tumblers, tote bags, previous conventions’ t-shirts, dice bags, cookbooks, and more directly from DemiCon by visiting our square store at

Additional, we now have a RedBubble account where you can get even more cool stuff. For example: face masks, notebooks, stickers, coffee mugs, magnets, the DemiCon 31 t-shirt, the DemiCon 32 t-shirt, and more. On RedBubble’s website search both “DMSFFS” and “DemiCon” to see all the options. Not finding what you’re looking for? Once you’ve selected the design you like, scroll down to the “Also available on” section. Then click “View this design on… products” for a full list of items you can purchase.

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Support our featured charity

It is a long standing tradition to select a charity to feature and fundraise for during DemiCon. Traditionally we raise money for the featured charity at our art auction and through other in person activities.

The DemiCon 32 featured charity is Everybody Wins! Iowa. They are an amazing organization whose mission is “To increase children’s success in school and life through one-to-one reading and mentoring experiences with caring volunteers.”

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or learning more about their programs we encourage you to visit their website:

We are still bundling donations for Everybody Wins! Iowa. To make a donation visit our Square site ( and scroll down to the Donate to the featured DemiCon charity section.

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Donate Blood at LifeServe Blood Center

At the 34th World Science Fiction Convention in 1976 author Robert Heinlein organized a blood drive that would become a tradition at many science fiction conventions.

For many years DemiCon has participated in this tradition, inviting the LifeServe Blood Center to join us on Saturday of the convention so that our attendees can make blood donations. Please consider scheduling a donation appointment by visiting LifeServe Blood Center’s website at

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Room Parties

Cheshire Moon

Friday, April 30, 7pm

Virtual Virtual Room Party with David J. Pedersen

Saturday May 1st, 7pm to Midnight

Join the Angst crew for our first room party. My new book, Entriss Online, takes place in a virtual world. To celebrate, our plan was to bring a virtual reality headset to Demicon for everyone to try… Never give up, never surrender!

Join us for the party!

  • We’ll all be at my house so it feels more like a room party
  • We will be streaming the party from cameras throughout the house
  • Everyone will be logged in with their own Zoom account
  • You can watch us play VR games
  • VR games will also be streamed so you can see how bad we are at gaming

Game On! Stop by and win! We will be giving away signed copies of Entriss Online! One entry if you drop in and say hello. Winners will be selected at random. You don’t have to be present to win. Quantity of books awarded based on sobriety of host.

Discounts and free shipping for all of David’s books will be available on Coupon: Demicon32

Virtual DemiCon Music Circle Room Party

Saturday, May 1, 7pm

BrassGears Adventurers Society

Saturday, May 1, 9pm

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Watch Parties

Join in and watch Netflix and Hulu together while using chat on the side to make comments, or our discord voice chat. This is the one area of the convention that is not free (as you need to have a paid Netflix and/or Hulu account).

You might remember Netflix Party from DemiCon last year. Well since then Netflix Part has rebranded as Teleparty and it now supports more than just Netflix!

If you already had Netflix Party installed from last year, you shouldn’t have to do anything different because the browser extension should have updated itself already.

If you are new to Teleparty, you must install the browser extension in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge on a desktop or laptop computer.

To join Netflix Party: 

  1. Install Teleparty if you have not already done so. (See links above.)
  2. Log into Netflix or Hulu from the same web browser that has Teleparty installed, depending on which watch event you are joining.
  3. Check the #watch-party-links channel in Discord. This is where all the links to join the watch party will be posted. Open the party link in the web browser where you are logged in and have Teleparty installed.
  4. Click on the red “Tp” browser add-on/extension (should be in your browser  to the right of the address bar. Clicking this will join you to the party and sync your watch experience with the rest of the watch party.
  5. If this is your first time joining it might prompt you to pick a user icon and name. This will help your friends recognize you in the chat!
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Self-run programming


Coloring for all ages! Print off one or more (or all!) pages color using your favorite medium. Relax enjoy a moment of creative energy. We would love it if you would post your pages on the Discord Self-Programming channel.

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A DemiCon Neighborhood Walk

Hey let’s take a walk and see what we can find. Follow these links for either a printable or online version of A DemiCon Neighborhood Walk. You can post your findings on the Self-run Programming Discord Channel.

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DemiCon Step Up Challenge

Welcome to the DemiCon Step-up Challenge!

For a number of years one of our traditional self-programming options was the Cardio Loop. A loop though our hotel facility was designated by signage. You would do as many loops as you wanted. Participants signed up in the sheet in the hub and participation prizes were awarded. 

The inspiration for the Cardio Loop came from a blog by Michael Moore. He took a walk for a half hour one day as kind of a joke. When he blogged about how the brief walk made him feel better many people suggested doing it again the next day. So began a step by step journey. Check out his blog for more info:

We would like to keep us moving while we are virtual so we have come up with the DemiCon Step-up Challenge. Many of us have fitness devices that track our steps. If you do not, you can down load an app for your phone. Apps are available for both Android and iPhones. You would use one of these to track your steps.

Research suggests that 1000 steps is roughly a half mile for most people give or take. We are going to call 1000 steps the equivalent of one Cardio Loop. So each set of 1000 steps equals one loop! If your device tracks your distance every half mile (or .80 kilometers) equals 1000 steps. 

We have a Discord Channel (#step-up-challenge) for you to report you results.

This is not a race. It is not a contest. 

Every step counts. Every step is a victory. Every step should be celebrated! 

So Move it move it however works for you and Step-up to the challenge!

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Origami bookmark

Here is a fun easy little book mark you can make out of origami paper or scraps of wrapping paper. We’ve provided printable instructions and a how to video.

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Scavenger Hunt

How to play

  • Get a team together. Can be one or more people.
  • Name your team.
  • Download the two (2) Scavenger Hunt template images. These templates have the clues you need to find/do/create.
  • Take photos that match the clues.
  • In an editor program or something else that will let you save as a PDF (e.g. Microsoft Word, Microsoft Paint, Apple PBrush, GIMP, etc.) paste your images in the correct order, covering the corresponding clue.
  • Fill all 12 panels! 
  • The clue “Meet the Team” is mandatory and should include all team members in some format.
  • At least one member of the team must be included in each clue submission.
  • Load your finished PDF to the Scavenger Hunt Discord Channel (#scavenger-hunt).
  • Keep it family friendly.
  • All pictures MUST be uploaded by 11:59 pm Saturday night.
  • Winners will be announced at Closing Ceremonies.

How to Vote

  • Go to the Scavenger Hunt Discord Channel (#scavenger-hunt).
  • Scroll through the entries.
  • Using the reaction option pick your 1, 2, and 3 favorites.
Example of how to assemble your scavenger hunt submission.
Fine print - Photo/Video Disclaimer

Photos are intended for use only as promotional materials to appear in print, television, DemiCon Channel, Internet advertising, the Paradox publication, and publicity, including video.

DemiCon members (virtual attendees) should give the courtesy of asking the subject’s permission before taking a photograph of that person. Pictures taken and put up on the DemiCon Scavenger Hunt Channel will only be used in connection to the Scavenger Hunt group unless permission is received from the photographer and team to use in another way connected to DemiCon.
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Scheduled and interactive programming

All times are US Central Daylight Time (UTC-5).

Last Updated 2021-05-01 7:08 PM (19:08 UTC-5)

Day/TimeCategoryName & DescriptionVenue
Friday, 2:45pm-3:45pmLive PanelMad Lyrics Filk – What happens when you mix the Mad Libs game with a bunch of singers? Find out in this uproarious and interactive activity. Robert Uy, Moderator: Sallie AbbaCancelled
Friday, 2:45pm-3:45pmLive PanelMad Lib’s with Mandi and Sallie! – Join Mandi and Sallie for some fun word salad stories! Amanda Arthur-Struss Moderator: Sallie AbbaZoom
Meeting ID: 966 0682 6344
Passcode: 661255
Friday, 4pm-5pmLive PanelSweded Movie Trailers – Come see what movie trailers our creative filmmakers came up with for this year. This competition was judged before the convention by a panel of local experts, but come view all the fun and amazing entries and vote for your Fan Favorite. Robert Uy, Moderator: Craig LeabhartCancelled
Friday 5pm-6pmLive PanelHow To DemiCon–Brief walk through of discord and to maximize your Demicon with it’s virtual features! Nate FarmerZoom
Meeting ID: 962 7173 3045
Passcode: 005607
Friday 5pm-6pmLive PanelWhat is Anime?–Panel about how Anime differs from other animation & general themes. Samantha HackettZoom
Meeting ID: 955 9082 9693
Passcode: 423903
Friday 7pm-8pmLive PanelOpening CeremoniesZoom
Meeting ID: 926 4438 9382
Passcode: 888542
Friday 9pm-10pmLive PanelHistory of the Smooth–You have seen TICC do “the Smooth,” during performances, but we wanted to give a little history about this tradition that was started by Wilson “Bob” Tucker. Please join us in our discussion of this fine fannish tradition. Sheril BogenreifZoom
Meeting ID: 976 3978 9130
Passcode: 933351
Friday 9pm-10pmLive PanelLiterary Beer with Author GOH Lettie Prell–Fans, writers, lend me your beers! Actually, BYOB or your fave beverage and join author GoH Lettie Prell for informal conversation about her, writing in general, or whatever other topics come up. Lettie Prell, Moderator: Amanda AlexanderZoom
Meeting ID: 930 5849 0903
Passcode: 383806
Friday 9pm-10pmMusicBryan Baker (Music)Zoom
Meeting ID: 958 2049 7107
Passcode: 916396
Friday 9pm-1amWatch PartyClaymore–TVMA, fantasy, mature audience, violent, 2007Links to be posted in in #watch-party-links channel on Discord:
Friday 9pm-12amVideo GamingLeft 4 Dead 2–The classic team zombie survival shooter; In this session, we’ll matching off into teams of human survivors to compete against teams of specialized infected. Let the double-tapping streamed at:
Voice chat for gaming participants via Discord
Friday 10pm-11pmMusicFaithful Sidekicks (Music)Zoom
Meeting ID: 962 5081 1131
Passcode: 566976
Friday 11pm-12amMusicOrckes & Trolles (Music)Zoom
Meeting ID: 982 1378 8508
Passcode: 546711

Saturday 9am-10amLive PanelDemiCon in the Morning–It’s DemiCon’s own morning show! Tune in and start your day right! Amanda AlexanderZoom
Meeting ID: 939 1123 6882
Passcode: 593123
Saturday 10am-12pmLive PanelMeet the Dealers–Meet our dealers! DemiCon can’t exist without them. Buy cool stuff and bring joy to everybody. Robert Cook, Moderator: Amanda AlexanderZoom
Meeting ID: 946 5675 8404
Passcode: 467264
Saturday 10am-1pmLive PanelLARP: Cartoon Chaos Connundrum–” A bear is about to steal a pic-a-nic basket, a blue-and-yellow van pulls up to a haunted house, the big game starts at monster High School and then Crikey— we’re all next to Skull Castle? And is that Mifune Motors behind those kids with the monkey? Why is that truck asking about Energon?

A LARP is a live-action roleplay where you get to pretend to be someone else for a while- it can actually be quite fun and relaxing.This is a wacky cartoon oriented LARP where characters will have to work to solve puzzles and to survive on to the next challenge.” Joe Struss
Meeting ID: 926 6437 7030
Passcode: 291692
Saturday 10am-11amWatch PartyPowerpuff Girls–Animation adventure, 1996Links to be posted in in #watch-party-links channel on Discord:
Saturday 10am-1pmVideo GamingStarcraft 2–One of the most prominent top-down, real-time strategy games, Starcraft is the ongoing battle between the armies of space. In this session, participants will be loosely matched off into games of varying sizes based on experience, for those from the totally inexperienced to the highly competitive. Will your armies reign supreme?live streamed at:
Voice chat for gaming participants via Discord
Saturday 10am-12pmBoard GamingEvil Apples–A filthy and hilarious mobile game from the creators of Evil Minds and Dirty Birdy inspired by the popular party game Cards Against Humanity. Please download the app prior to gaming. Rated 18+.Voice chat for gaming participants via Discord
Saturday 12pm-2pmLive PanelAnime Jeopardy–Samatha Hackett, Moderator: Craig LeabhartZoom
Meeting ID: 990 5945 1828
Passcode: 621449
Saturday 12pm-1pmMusicKraken Not Stirred (Music)Zoom
Meeting ID: 935 1064 8881
Passcode: 777470
Saturday 12pm-12:45pmFan TableIowa Atheists and Freethinkers Fan Table, Robert Cook, Moderator: Michael PalmerZoom
Meeting ID: 938 4584 3327
Passcode: 875642
Saturday 1pm-2pmLive PanelPierre Pettinger Reading–Pierre Pettinger, Moderator: Amanda AlexanderZoom
Meeting ID: 954 0167 6659
Passcode: 235542
Saturday 1pm-2pmMusicRandom Fractions (Music)Zoom
Meeting ID: 984 7828 4056
Passcode: 318689
Saturday 1:15pm-1:45pmLive PanelBoard Game Arena–Panel on how to create a BoardGame Arena account, with help from Tara. Tara Newton, Moderator: Judy ZajecZoom
Meeting ID: 938 7266 8571
Passcode: 551532
Saturday 2pm-3pmLive PanelBrass Gears Adventurer’s Society Fan tableZoom
Meeting ID: 850 4703 0376
Passcode: 519380
Saturday 2pm-2:45pmLive PanelDraw Cartoon Characters–Draw some of your favorite cartoon characters with this workshop. Have your paper and pencil or marker ready for this step by step drawing class. Kids can join but parents need to participate as well. Mandi Arthur-StrussZoom
Meeting ID: 966 0924 0584
Passcode: 324068
Saturday 2pm-3pmMusicBeth Kinderman & the Player Characters (Music)Zoom
Meeting ID: 988 4862 8983
Passcode: 174548
Saturday 2pm-5pmVideo GamingJackbox Party Pack–The games under the jackbox umbrella are a series of party games centered around player generated ideas. This spans from trivia, to drawing, to who can come up with the weirdest definitions for words. Players should tune into our twitch channel to view the game screen during play. Any watcher can then join in the fun by going to in another browser to submit responses and vote on various results. A wacky time shall be had by streamed at:
Voice chat for gaming participants via Discord
Saturday 2:30pm-3:30pmLive PanelGetting Published for Dummies–A discussion of strategies with some sage advice thrown in for getting your manuscript published. Reed Alexander, Adam Whitlatch, Moderator: Judy ZajecZoom
Meeting ID: 958 0250 5917
Passcode: 448720
Saturday 3pm-4pmLive PanelIce Cream Social Celebrating Rusty Hevelin–Bring your ice cream of choice and learn a little bit about our DemCon Hall of Fame member Rusty Hevelin. Join his best buds Joe and Gay Haldeman with Amanda Arthur-Struss as they regale stories and history about his connection to DemiCon. Learn more about the amazing Hevelin Collection as well. Joe Haldeman, Gay Haldeman, Mandi Arthur-StrussZoom
Meeting ID: 976 4124 9911
Passcode: 295113
Saturday 3pm-4pmMusicCW Smith (Music)Zoom
Meeting ID: 968 0427 1170
Passcode: 881610
Saturday 3pm-5pmWatch PartyViolet Evergarden–tv 14/ slice of lifeLinks to be posted in in #watch-party-links channel on Discord:
Saturday 3:45pm-4:45pmLive PanelLettie Prell Reading (Author GOH)–Lettie Prell, Moderator: Craig LeabhartZoom
Meeting ID: 993 5481 8785
Passcode: 919179
Saturday 3:45pm-5:45pmLive PanelReed Alexander Reading–Reed Alexander reads from his first published novella, In the Shadow of the Mountain. Reed Alexander, Moderator: Sallie AbbaCancelled
Saturday 4pm-5pmMusicCheshire Moon (Music)Zoom
Meeting ID: 942 7599 1026
Passcode: 666941
Saturday 4:15pm-5:15pmLive PanelBasics in Watercolor–Enjoy a relaxing time as we explore watercolor. Learn some basics as well as talk and paint along. Supplies you will need: watercolor paper, watercolor paint (kid’s version will work), a round paintbrush, 2 small cups of water and paper towel. If you have the capabilities masking tape and a board (like you find on clip boards) to tape watercolor paper on. Mandi Arthur-StrussZoom
Meeting ID: 937 0432 1424
Passcode: 597906
Saturday 5pm-6pmLive PanelDoctor Who: The Everchanging Story–Discussion of the last two series of the show. Kathryn Sullivan, Cory Hug, Moderator: Amanda AlexanderZoom
Meeting ID: 967 8747 5264
Passcode: 186721
Saturday 5pm-6pmMusicMadison Merticula Roberts (Music)Zoom
Meeting ID: 933 6626 6873
Passcode: 016663
Saturday 6pm-7pmLive PanelHorror Tropes: Grab the Plot Kicking and Screaming–A discussion of awful horror tropes and clichés to avoid. Reed Alexander, Rachel Aukes, Moderator: Craig LeabhartZoom
Meeting ID: 958 7319 6394
Passcode: 264083
Saturday 6pm-7pmLive PanelHow to Read Like a Writer: Reading to Get Inspired to Write–In this workshop participants will learn about how to approach reading books like a writer, how to be inspired by other books and how to generate and develop their own unique ideas. Katya de Becerra, Moderator: Amanda AlexanderZoom
Meeting ID: 933 6900 3205
Passcode: 876947
Saturday 6pm-9pmVideo GamingTeam Fortress 2–Inspiring many a class-based shooter since its debut, this game still holds a special place in the hearts of some of us here. In this session, we’ll be running closed matches for our attendees. For those unfamiliar but interested in diving in, TF2 is available for free on the Steam streamed at:
Voice chat for gaming participants via Discord
Saturday 6pm-9pmBoard GamingTokaido–Join Tara on BoardGame Arena and travel the ancient Tokaido road in Japan. Pass through the magnificent countryside, taste delicious culinary specialties, purchase souvenirs, benefit from the virtues of hot springs, and have unforgettable encounters. Tara describes Tokaido as the most cut-throat zen game you will ever play! Room for five(5) players total.
Saturday 6:15pm-7:45pmLive PanelAuction. Preview items at Mandi Arthur-Struss, Judy Zajec, Jane ZajecZoom
Meeting ID: 961 3050 6241
Passcode: 368426
Saturday 7pm-11pmWatch PartyCowboy Bebop–TV 14/Space bounty hunters, violence, mature themes, 1998Links to be posted in in #watch-party-links channel on Discord:
Saturday 7:15pm-8:15pmLive PanelTabletop Gaming: The COVID Years and Beyond–A discussion about the most effective ways to run a tabletop game such as DnD virtually, and what tools are available to do so. Edwin Dane, Tom Thomas, Moderator: Michael PalmerZoom
Meeting ID: 922 9890 1135
Passcode: 403936
Saturday 7:15pm-8:15pmLive PanelArtist GOH Alison Johnstun–Live Sketch Pannel with Artist Guest of Honor Alison Johnstun! Join us to learn a bit about Alison and her art, and watch as she walks us through sketching dragons!–Alison Johnstun, Moderator: Sallie AbbaZoom
Meeting ID: 942 5483 9487
Passcode: 532744
Saturday 8:15pm-9:15pmLive PanelLibraries and Archives in Science Fiction and Fantasy–A panel about the presentation of libraries and archives in SFF and horror. What are some of your favorites? Kathryn Sullivan, Moderator: Sheril BogenreifZoom
Meeting ID: 933 0955 8614
Passcode: 721104
Saturday 8:30pm-9:30pmLive PanelRachel Aukes Reading–Rachel Aukes, Moderator: Judy ZajecZoom
Meeting ID: 920 7955 0373
Passcode: 870957
Saturday 9pm-10pmLive PanelTalk Books with DAGOBAH–Round robin chatting about books. Susan Leabhart, Moderator: Craig LeabhartZoom
Meeting ID: 943 6044 3713
Passcode: 382916
Saturday 9pm-10pmChatJoin Ivy in the ConSuite on Discord to just gab and connect.#consuite channel on Discord:
Saturday 9:30pm-12amVideo GamingAmong Us–Werewolf, in, spaaace. Among US is a deception based game that is hot for a reason right now. In this session, we’ll be running various matches as player count dictates. Grab some friends and try convince them you are trying to stab them in the streamed at:
Voice chat for gaming participants via Discord
Saturday 10pm-12amLive PanelHorror Panel–Join the Fright Club as they discuss classic and current horror movies as well as TV programs in the horror genre. Robert Uy, Edwin Dane, Marcie Brightwell, Josh Bertocki, Moderator: Michael PalmerZoom
Meeting ID: 927 4708 9254
Passcode: 884032
Sunday 10am-11amLive PanelBasics of Collecting Animation Cels–Joe StrussZoom
Meeting ID: 958 9604 9155
Passcode: 828933
Sunday 10am-12pmLive PanelChat and Craft–Join us in chatting and crafting–Judy ZajecZoom
Meeting ID: 962 6325 1993
Passcode: 754113
Sunday 10am-12pmWatch PartySteven Universe–family comedy, 2014Links to be posted in in #watch-party-links channel on Discord:
Sunday 10am-1pmVideo GamingCounter Strike: Global Offensive–One of the oldest competitive shooters, Count-strike is still going strong to this day. In this session, players will be splitting up into teams of up to five to compete either against each other or against others online (determined by participants). If you want to get your feet wet, Counter-Strike global offensive is available for free on the Steam streamed at:
Voice chat for gaming participants via Discord
Sunday 11am-1pmBoard GamingTakenoko–Join Tara on BoardGame Arena and play Takenoko (‘bamboo shoots’), where you will have fun growing bamboo and feeding the giant panda. Can you complete the most quests and earn the Emperor’s favor? Room for four(4) players total.
Sunday 11:15am-12:15pmLive PanelDMSFFS Meeting–Mandi Arthur-StrussZoom
Meeting ID: 991 5925 0465
Passcode: 559522
Sunday 12pm-1pmLive PanelAppeal of Portal Fantasies–Stories where people are transported to other worlds, parallel dimensions or into virtual games are becoming popular again. What are the appeal of those genre versus secondary world fantasies? Kathryn Sullivan, Moderator: Sheril BogenreifZoom
Meeting ID: 961 8514 1159
Passcode: 292654
Sunday 1pm-2pmLive PanelArt Styles of Anime–About the different artistic styes seen in the Anime genre and what draws people in to the world. Samantha HackettCancelled
Sunday 1pm-2pmLive PanelBook Talk–What are you reading? Come share and hear what books our panel of authors have been enjoying of late. Rachel Aukes, Lettie Prell, Adam Whitlatch, Moderator: Amanda AlexanderZoom
Meeting ID: 967 7165 1534
Passcode: 944768
Sunday 1:45pm-2:45pmLive PanelWin Lose or Draw–The White Board will be out on Zoom to bring back the virtual version of this annual tradition from DemiCon. Mandi Arthur-StrussZoom
Meeting ID: 950 4070 9458
Passcode: 303207
Sunday 2pm-4pmVideo GamingLeague of Legends–An incredibly popular (if highly specific) genre of game, League of Legends is one the most popular MOBAs currently played. Take the role of one of several champion characters in this top-down, point and click action game. Use your character’s strengths to help push the various fronts of AI soldiers in their tug-of-war efforts to advance on the enemy’s base. In this session, players will be splitting up into teams of up to five to compete either against each other or against others online (determined by participants). As with some other games at Demicon this year, this one can be obtained for free on the Riot Games streamed at:
Voice chat for gaming participants via Discord
Sunday 3pm-4pmLive PanelClosing CeremoniesZoom
Meeting ID: 991 5513 5267
Passcode: 550620

Last Updated 2021-05-01 4:00 PM (16:00 UTC-5)

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On-demand programming

All times are US Central Daylight Time (UTC-5).

Last Updated 2021-05-01 9:15 AM (09:15 UTC-5)

CategoryPremier timeName & DescriptionLink
Panel8pm on April 18Creating Manga, Anime and Cartoon costumes for a convention with Master Costumer Sallie Abba: Creating Manga, Anime and Cartoon costumes for a convention with Master Costumer Sallie Abba. Zoom panel created by the Des Moines Science Fiction and Fantasy Society for its SACC 2020 online event: Free online SF&F convention April 30 – May 2, 2021 (c) 2021 – DFMSFFS
PanelNoon on April 29A Super Manga Graphics Novel Comics Animation history and discussion panel from Summer SACC 2020 with Nate.
Presentation2pm on April 30DMSFFS President DC32 Welcome & DemiCon Channel Introduction
Informational2:15pm on Apr 30DC32 Dealer Advertising
Games Panel2:30pm on Apr. 30KickStarter Games with Sallie from Zoom Panel from Winter SACC
Author Reading3:15pm on Apr. 30Lettie Prell reads from “The Need for Air” (DC 31)
Art Workshop3:30pm on Apr. 30How to Draw a Monster with Mandi
Author Reading3:45pm on Apr 30Author Jan Gephardt reads Chapter 1 from “The Other Side of Fear” (DC 31)
Quiz4pm on Apr. 30Name that Animated Character with Mandi
Art Class4;30pm on Apr. 30One Point Perspective with Mandi
Author Reading5pm on Apr. 30A Reading from Rogue Planet by Rachel Aukes for DemiCon 32
Self-Programming5:30pm on Apr. 30Origami Bookmarks with Sallie
Presentation5:45pm on Apr. 30Artistry of Fan GOH Dana & Bruce Hinterleitner
Con Suite6pm on Apr. 30ConSuite Cooking with Mandi: Ramen
Con Suite6:30pm on Apr. 30ConSuite Cooking with Monica: Soba
Performance8pm on Apr. 30Trans-Iowa Canal Company Presents Secret Project 32
Con Suite9pm on Apr. 30Cocktails with Toastmaster Susan
Con Suite9:15pm on Apr. 30ConSuite History with Mandi: Martini Wars
Author Reading9:30pm on Apr. 30Author Katya De Becerra reads from “Oasis”
Performance10pm on Apr. 30The BrassGears Adventurer’s Society presents the radio play “Uranus Strikes Back”
Music11pm on Apr. 30Orckes And Trolles Perform Almost Live 2021
Blog12am on May 1Dispatches from the Field with Toastmaster Susan
Author Reading8:45am on May 1Author Katya De Becerra reads from “What the Woods Keep”
Con Suite9am on May 1ConSuite History – Soup in the Morning with Mandi
Games Panel9:30am on May 1Dwellings of Elderdale Panel form Winter SACC with Sallie
Kids Show10am on May 1Creative Mayhem 3 – Animation with Mandi and Joe–8yt57_N0
Art10:30am on May 1Doodles including Star Trek Doodles with Mandi
Fan Table10:45am on May 1Fan Table DAGOBAH with Susan
Con Suite11am on May 1ConSuite Cooking – Scooby Snacks with Mandi
Kids Show11:30am on May 1Creative Mayhem 2 – Codes with Mandi and Joe
Con SuiteNoon on May 1ConSuite History – Rusty’s Ice Cream Social with Mandi
Con Suite12:15pm on May 1ConSuites Cooking – Scooby Snacks for Dogs with Monica
Panel12:45pm on May 1Girls Just Wanna Write SF with GOH Lettie Prell
Panel1:30pm on May 1Web Comics Panel with Jessica from Summer SACC
Workshop2pm on May 1Creating a Phantom Bustle Workshop with Ivy from Summer SACC
Art Workshop3pm on May 1Finger Painting a Quasar with Mandi
Panel5pm on May 1Patterns Out of Print Panel with Ivy from Summer SACC
Presentation6pm on May 1GOH David Lee Pancake Studio Tour (DC 31)
Performance8pm on May 1Masquerade/CosPlay with Jeannette
Presentation10pm on May 1Tarot – Hierophant Temperance Presentation with Jeannette
InfomraitonalNoon on May 2DemiCon Channel Closing Video and more…?
Closing7pm on May 2DemiCon Channel Closes Down – No Actual Video HereRemoving weekend videos

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DemiCon 32 Memorial Wall

DemiCon has a Memorial Book where we keep cherished memories of DemiCon guests, attendees and Des Moines Science Fiction and Fantasy Society, Inc. members that are no longer with us. This year we wanted to continue our tradition by sharing a digital page for those we have lost since last DemiCon. It can be accessed HERE as a PDF download.

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The After: DemiCon 2022

We are already working hard on next year’s DemiCon where we fully expect to be able to return to an in-person convention.

The After: DemiCon 2022 will take place May 6 through May 8, 2022 at the Des Moines Holiday Inn Northwest with a theme that draws on elements of cyberpunktechnology, and futurism. If you are interested in getting involved contact

Remember, if you already purchased a membership for DemiCon 31 or DemiCon 32 we are automatically rolling it to 2022 unless you ask us to to refund it.

Next year’s website is live and available at:

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