Programing Grid Now Available Online

The programming grid for DemiCon 30 is now available online. There are two grids available. One is every panel by time. The other is a list of programming by panelist name so that you can find everything your favorite panelist is doing.

Check it out on the Programming page.

At DemiCon…

The Darkness is Iowa’s first replica of the 1967 Impala “Baby” on Supernatural.  She was custom-built for screen accuracy by Rick Blevins and The Shop in Garnett, Kansas, down to the boys’ initials in the package tray and the army guy in the rear ashtray!   100% of profits going to the John Wayne Cancer Foundation in support of science and beating cancer.  Charges: $10 for multiple poses taken with a person’s cell phone or camera holding a “weapon” or prop in front of the weapons box (can be more than 1 person) and for $15 for shots of sitting inside the car.  The organization allows anyone to take a photo of the car itself but discourages selfies. They will be passing out stickers and giving a free 2″ anti-possession symbol temp tattoo with every t-shirt purchased.

picture of The Darkness, the Supernatural Impala.

Now Accepting Online Registrations

Online registration is open. Before April 1, 2019 you can register for DemiCon 30 at a discounted rate. Children 5-12 years old are $20. Children 13 years old and over, as well as adults, are $55.

Starting April 1 the membership rate increases to the at-the-door price of $25 for children and $65 for adults.

Online registration is open through the end of the day, US Central Time, on April 20, 2019. If you miss the chance to register online there will be at-the-door registration available at the convention.

What are you waiting for? Go register right now!

New this year! When your register you can pre-order your con t-shirt in purple or black.  You will pick it up at DemiCon 30 at the DMSFS Table that will be located in Registration. Just follow the registration form and the option will pop up.