SAY WHAT?!: The DemiCon 27 Dramatic Reading Competition

This contest celebrates the popularity of audio books and the joy of reading to a toddler or sharing a favored book passage with a friend.

Whether you enter the contest or merely participate by being in the audience, come experience the skills and variety of approaches applied to speaking the written word.

Judging will be based on how well audience attention is captured, characters’ lines are delivered, and descriptions are conveyed. Pacing of the story will also be taken into consideration.

Participation is limited to 6 people, on a first-come-first-entered basis.  Pre-registration is allowed by sending an email to Due to demand, if you pre-register and are not in the room by 5 minutes after the start of the contest, your place may not be held. Registration is also allowed at the contest.

The contest starts at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, April 29th. Check the program grid for the location.  The reading selections will take between 5-6 minutes each to read. If there are only three, or fewer, participants, contestants may read a second selection.

This year’s selections were made on the theme of almost-human or human-like characters in stories.


Day of the Druid

Little Fuzzy

Otto of the Silver Hand

Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens

Say What Posting with Selections

The Hour of the Dragon

The Island of Doctor Moreau