DemiCon is a weekend convention that you register to attend. We encourage you to register prior to the con for your convenience and ease, and one way to accomplish this is by registering on-line here. We call this "preregistering." The lines to acquire your badge, which is your key to attend DemiCon, run considerably faster for those who have registered prior to the con. 

If you forget to preregister, you must register at the door.  We have weekend rates for adults and children. We understand that you may only be able to attend DemiCon for one day, so at the convention, we offer single-day rates, as well as Explorer Passes and Explorer Plus Passes, and those work as follows:

  • A one-day badge allows you access to everything at DemiCon until midnight of that day. This includes 5th floor, which is the hospitality suite, certain panels, and room parties during the night time.
  • The Explorer Pass allows you access only to the basement and ground levels of DemiCon for one day, ending at midnight of that day. Much of DemiCon's programming, including all Music and Gaming programming, is held on these two levels of the hotel. Explorer Passes are not permitted on the 5th floor. You are only allowed one Explorer Pass for the weekend, but you can upgrade to a different membership.
  • Explorer Plus Pass allows you access to the basement and ground-level events for the entire weekend, but not the 5th floor.  


To learn more about registration, check out our FAQ and Convention Registration.


Use the "Registration" drop-down menu at the top of this page to learn about registering for specific areas within the convention, such as becoming a vendor in our Dealer Room or signing up for a gaming tournament.



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