DemiCon Lite


DemiCon Lites are little events/workshops that happen once a month through the year until we reach DemiCon. These events have happened at past DemiCons or will be happening at the next years.  

We are working on dates and times but here are some of the DemiCon Lites in the works. 

  • Author Guest of Honor Signing - Join us Thursday, April 30 from 6 pm to 8 pm at the Barnes and Noble at 4550 University Avenue, West Des Moines to see our author guest of honor Jim. C Hines. Kick off your DemiCon fun a day early!!!

  • June DemiCon Lite Steampunk/Pirate Eye Patch Workshop - Saturday, June 6 from 1 to 4 pm at West Des Moines Library. See below for more information


Heavy Scissors
Leather Hole-Puncher
Rivet Setter & Base

Marker – Fine Tip

Tape Measure




Rivets; Medium, Small and Extra Small

Leather; Heavy – Veg Tan and Soft – Calf Skin

Belt – ½” Or Smaller width

Concho (optional)

For this DemiCon Lite Workshop RJ Lundgren will bring everything you will need. Cost of basic materials, belt, leather pieces, and rivets, not including concho, is $4. If you have any of the tools and/or materials you are welcome bring them.

If they wish to use a concho, RJ will have a limited supply to choose from that they can purchase, at a discount. Or, if you wish to bring your own concho or materials, you can purchase them from the Tandy Leather Factory, 5041 N.E. 14th St. Des Moines, IA 50310.

They can also go to the Tandy website;, that way they can view the types of conchos Tandy has available. For anyone wishing to do stamp tooling, RJ will have bowls and sponges for dampening the leather prior to stamping.


  • July DemiCon Lite Movie Afternoon: We are going to see the movie  Minions on Sunday July 19th in the afternoon. The theater and times will be set later on.  Bring your kids, maybe dress up as your favorite Minion and join in the fun. 

  • August/September DemiCon Lite:  Make your own Blinkie! This workshop will be held at the DMSFS SACC Relaxicon on Saturday afternoon, September 5th from 1 to 5 pm at Holiday Inn Northwest in the lower level. Ryan White will be your host. You will be able to purchase your kit at the workshop.

  • October DemiCon Lite: To be set.

  • November DemiCon Lite: To be set.

  • January DemiCon Lite: New Year's SACC.  To be set.



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