Prize Brigade


This year, DemiCon is trying out something new for our many wonderful competitions and amazing volunteers.  We love giving prizes to all the winners, as well as saying "Thanks."  In the past, DemiCon attendees have donated items be it something unopened and re-gifted to us, or on sale, or very gently used to be awarded during DemiCon.  Others hand-craft prize items to share their remarkable artwork.  We wanted to do them justice by handling the donations more efficiently.


This committee is accepting all those worthy items that you might have sitting around your home, new or slightly loved, to be put in a "prize pool" that will be then be awarded for the competition areas as well as the volunteer baskets for DemiCon 26.

So, if you have something you got for holidays that is related to science fiction, fantasy, steampunk, or gaming, or something that is just plain awesome, but you are not using it, you can donate it to the Prize Brigade.

The Prize Brigade will not accept perishable or homemade food, fireworks (things that go boom), toxic items, opened containers, or things that make us go EWWWW....  Really, the glue-scented perfume is not for everyone.  It needs to be new, or not obviously used. Food, such a coffee beans, needs to be store bought and not tampered with... aka no opened packages.  If you do artwork and wish to donate some of your creations, we gladly accept that, too.  Cash donations are also welcomed.

If you have a hand made craft business, you are welcome to donate items with your business cards attached. 

If you'd like to contribute, please fill out this Prize Brigade Donation Form to include with your donation.

To get more information, or to let us know about your upcoming contribution, contact

Thank you for putting big smiles on our DemiCon attendees' faces with your generous donations for prize items!



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