Masquerade & Cosplay Participant Registration

Part of the fun of any con is the freedom to dress up as your favorite character, or archetype, or as some completely unique and original concept spawned from your own very creative brain. We at DemiCon like to encourage that freedom further by offering you the chance to show off your clever ideas and talented handiwork through our costume contest events.


Masquerade and Cosplay Contest

On con Saturday, the mainstage masquerade and cosplay event lets you thrill our audience with not only your spectacular costume creations, but your skilled (or not-so-skilled – we don’t care, we love just watching everyone try!) mini-performance.

Masquerade & Cosplay Sign-up Form

If you have questions or need more information contact or join our Facebook Group at


Hall Costume Contest

On con Friday, the Hall Costume Contest allows you to immortalize your amazing apparel via our fabulous official photographer’s portrait service (it’s free!), while our mystery judges mingle among the attendees to quietly select the best-of-the-best.

Special this year Flashback Friday: The Costume Time Traveler Award!  We are celebrating the 30th anniversary of DemiCon and are invited those con attendees to wear a costume from DemiCon’s past. Now as 30 years has gone by you, yourself may not be able to wear (um fit) into said costume but a relation of yours may be able too. There will be a special award given just for the best Flashback Costume called The Costume Time Traveler Award!

For more details go to Hall Costume Page.