Hall Costume Competition

Part of the fun of any con is the freedom to dress up as your favorite character, or archetype, or as some completely unique and original concept spawned from your own very creative brain. We at DemiCon like to encourage that freedom further by offering you the chance to show off your clever ideas and talented handiwork through our costume contest events.

On Friday, the Hall Costume Contest allows you to immortalize your amazing apparel via our fabulous official photographer’s portrait service (it’s free!), while our mystery judges mingle among the attendees to quietly select the best-of-the-best.



All you need to do is come to the lobby starting around 9:30-ish and have your photo taken. That’s it! That let’s the judges know you want to be a part of this competition. Now go and enjoy your Friday evening.

When you have your photo taken they will take some of your contact information and will contact you if you have won a prize. For latest news and announcements please join our Facebook Group at https://www.facebook.com/demiconmasqueradeandcosplay/.


SPECIAL AWARD – The Costume Time Traveler Award

This year we are doing a special costume event for Flashback Friday.  We invite you or another person of your choosing to wear an old DemiCon costume. Many of us are a little order and fitting certain costumes just does not work anymore, we encourage you to share your costumes with a family member or friend.

Same rules apply for regular Hall Costume, just show up for your pictures but you need to add a little bit more.  Let the judges know it is for The Costume Time Traveler Award, how old the costume or what DemiCon(s) it was originally worn too , and if you are the original wearer/creator or not (if not how you were connected to the original person).  On the costumes themselves, it just had to be worn at DemiCon sometime. On stage, in the hallway, as a joke, it could have even won a previous award. We just want to see as many costumes and the love of costumes on Friday if not the whole weekend long.