Fan Guests of Honor Becky Kinnamon & David Winterton

Becky Kinnamon and David Winterton missed the first DemiCon because they were busy getting married and going on their honeymoon. Although not registered, they visited some friends who were attending DemiCon II, crashing some room parties. Other than a couple of years missed for family obligations, they have attended every DemiCon since. They even renewed their vows at DemiCon X. Becky and David have one son, Dain Winterton, who likes to say that he has attended DemiCon since he was negative two months old.

Becky has been a notable presence at DemiCon (and ICON). She enjoys costuming and has been a frequent participant in Masquerade and Hall costume contests. Humor is the foundation of much of her costuming with her costume ideas often revolving around a play on words or mashup of genres. In addition, Becky has been a judge for DemiCon and ICON Masquerade contests. For a few years, she partnered with Denise Gehling to make and sell fannish fashions in the dealer’s room. Combining her love for Tae Kwon Do (kicky-poundy) with fandom, Becky has participated in panels on martial arts. Becky is also the one behind Zippy’s Karma-Go-Round. (if you don’t know, ask.)

Most of all, Becky enjoys the people. If she doesn’t know you, she’d like to meet you. And it is likely Becky will remember your name when she sees you next year. She loves to talk and she loves to laugh. You can often find her in a common area engaged in a friendly game of Scrabble

IRL, Becky works for the State of Iowa Judicial System on projects related to domestic violence, victim restitution, and other issues. Becky also works doing technical writing for a programmer, translating geek into human service worker language. When not working, Becky helps teach and coach Tae Kwon Do at her local Y

David is Becky’s plus one. He is Griffy to Becky’s Zippy. Let’s be honest, no one would pick him as Fan GOH if he were not attached to Becky. David is the tallish, quiet one lurking around Becky’s center of gravity while she enchants the people around her. David has served as a model, dressing dummy, and general technical assistant for some of Becky’s costuming ventures. His proudest geek moment was being part of getting Dain to put down the video controller and play Dungeons & Dragons

David worked in Human Services for three decades, including working as a mental health counselor, as a substance abuse counselor, and for an Employee Assistance Program. David is currently on a break from the counseling profession from which he may never return.