30th Anniversary Celebration

It’s been 30 years since DemiCon had it’s first convention in 1990.  Many things have changed but a lot has stayed the same as that we are family.  Come join the Des Moines Science Fiction Society as we enjoy a weekend of fun, learning, charity, and celebration.  We will be celebrating the past with special events as well as contests through the weekend. So get your time traveling gear on and let’s have fun in the past, present and future!

Flashback Fridaywear your “Classic” costumes and t-shirts/apparel that you have worn to past DemiCons

Join us Friday of DemiCon 30 with FLASHBACKS of the past. We invite you to wear your “Classic” costumes and t-shirts/apparel that you have worn to past DemiCons or have the next generation wear a costume or two.  Heck, many of us do not fit in those costumes from 20-ish years ago but many of the kids of fandom would with ease.

Hall Costume will have an special award for all these costumes called The Costume Time Traveler Award.  Go to Hall Costume Contest page for details.

Costume/Cosplay Display and Timeline

See 30 years of costuming on Saturday from 10 am to 5pm in the lobby.  Special thanks to the 20 costumers for sharing their works of art.  Remember no touching but look to your hearts content.

Memory Lane

There is a lot of history here and we hope you will participate to make it even better.

Memory Book:  We are working on a memory book of people’s stories of DemiCon. We invite you to write your story up and email it to concom@demicon.org.  We will add it to a book that people will be able to read and remember.  We will also have paper available at the convention if you want to add your story or pictures to the book.  Think of it as a class reunion book.
Timeline is Back:  We will have the DemiCon Timeline up again with the last five years added. With costume photos posted along with it.

Recipe Book and Buttons: Purchase the 30th Anniversary Recipe book and/or buttons from the DMSFFS table to help celebrate this year.

If you have any ideas for DemiCon 30 for Flashback Friday, Memory Lane and/or something else celebrating 30 years, please contact concom at concom@demicon.org.  We want to hear about what makes DemiCon special to you.