DemiCon is an interactive adventure with all sorts of amazing fhannish ways to be involved. Check out some of the program areas we have available and view the programming grid.

If you like what you see please remember that a con does not run itself.  With your help we can make it the best weekend ever for sci-fi, fantasy, and gaming fans in Iowa. You can volunteer, run your own panel, and more!

The deadline to sign-up to run your own panel was March 1, however you can still submit your programming and we will try and work you into the schedule. To sign-up please use our Programming Sign-up form. If you have question or need to make any changes please contact


Programming Grid

If you have any questions, or if you have an idea for programming that you would like to host, you can reach our Programming department heads through

DemiCon 28 Program Grid (by Time)

DemiCon 28 Program Grid (by Panelist)


DemiCon typically hosts a wide range of contests to suit many interests. All are welcome to participate.

We are also happy to announce the winners of our contest to design our DemiCon 28 poster. Results are available on our contests page or by clicking HERE.

DemiCon Channel

DemiCon will have one of the hotel’s in-house television channels, and we’ll play popular panels from past cons, TICC performances, and so much more. Even while you’re in your hotel room, you’ll be able to view a live feed of Opening Ceremonies, music performances, Masquerade/Cospaly, and panels… with some surprises thrown in.

The Channel Guide will be posted at the convention!



Got Filk? What is Filk?

Filk is usually associated with music parodies (á la Weird Al). Most of what we call “filk” consists of parodies, SCA songs, folk or Celtic songs, silly songs, or whatever songs people want to share. Really narrows it down, doesn’t it? We have plenty of filking at DemiCon, mostly run in a “Bardic circle” format. In this format, everyone gets a turn to choose singing a song yourself, picking a tune for the group to sing, or passing your turn. This way, everyone gets to participate! In addition, we’ll be having interactive fun and panels with filk! Come share your ideas, rhymes, and creative energies to help us write a song parody in about an hour.


Live Action Role Play (LARP)

Ultimate Superhero LARP

The new reality show “Ultimate Superhero” will soon be arriving in Metro City to begin shooting it’s 1st ever season. Aspiring heroes, sidekicks and inventors are being drawn to the city in hopes of making an appearance. But be warned. Rumor has it “The League of Evil” might also make an appearance.

This is a light-hearted live-action roleplay, perfect if you’ve never played a LARP or have played many LARPs before, on DemiCon Saturday, from 1:00pm to 4:00pm. Join us for the whole time or drop in, even after we’ve started, and complete a mission or two. Along with heroes, many other characters will be available, including sidekicks and inventors wanting to contribute, and recruiters and producers looking for new talent.

Reserve your character today by emailing,or drop by just before the event begins and pick up a character, and join us to play the “Ultimate Superhero” LARP.



Self-Run Programming

Self-Run programming is back!!! It is easy, fun, and can be done at your own pace.

You choose how much time you wish to take and what you do. Just follow the activity’s directions, and away you go.

For DemiCon 28 we are excited to offer:

  • Cardio Loop
  • Let’s Color
  • One of My Favorite DemiCon Costumes
  • Origami Paper Crane Folding
  • Play-To-Win Special Events
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Bobble Head Hide
  • Tadao and Bill Nye Double Trouble

Let us know if you have ideas for other self-run programming.


The Trans-Iowa Canal Company™

TICC is an eclectic collection of science fiction fans that enjoy parodying science fiction literature, TV shows, movies, and fandom in general. Originally formed in Iowa City in 1980, its first performance, at ICON VI in 1981, was entitled “Smart Trek.” In the past 31 years, the troupe has grown, with both a Western company, based in Des Moines, and an Eastern company, based in Iowa City. Over 170 actors, two stuffed fish, and an inflatable doll have participated in more than 65 performances at science fiction conventions.


2nd Annual HMS Invictus & DemiCon Charity Zero-K Marathon

This is a charity fundraiser Zero-K Marathon. It is hosted by The Royal Manticoran Navy – Honor Harrington Fan Association ship, HMS Invictus SD-406 and DemiCon 28.

The charities the fundraiser are supporting are the Big Cat Rescue, the the TRMN charity, and Everybody Wins! Iowa, the official charity of DemiCon 28.

How it works

  1. Before the convention: Purchase your t-shirt from Tee Originals online at You can have the shirt shipped to the convention for free, or you can have it shipped to your home. If you ship it to your home you will be responsible for the shipping and handling.
  2. At the convention: Line up with us in the parking lot (weather permitting) behind the Zero-K starting line. When the marathon begins take one step forward to cross the finish line. (You read that correctly. The starting line is also the finish line!)

Thanks for helping us support Everybody Wins! Iowa and the Big Cat Rescue.


Sign-up to host a panel, workshop, or other programming

If you would like to run a panel, workshop or some other programming at DemiCon 28, please complete the below sign-up form.

We will do our best to accommodate any needs or requests.

Once the programming schedule has been finalized you will receive confirmation of which day and time we have you scheduled for.

If you have any questions or need to make any changes, please contact Deadline was officially March 1, but feel free to submit your programming and we will try and work you into the schedule.


Primary Contact:


Phone (555-555-5555):

First and last name of each participant (please separate names using a “,” or “;”):

What type of programming will this be?

How much time is needed? (Please be courteous to your audience and panelists using your room after you by trying to end your programming 5-10 minutes before the end of the hour. This gives the audience time to transition to a new room and lets the next panelists get set up so they can start on time.)

Do you have a scheduling preference? We will do our best to accommodate requests but cannot guarantee where you will be placed on the final programming schedule.

Will there be alcohol or other food/drink?

Will this programming consist of adult material not suitable for audiences under 18 years old?



Do you need DemiCon to provide any special equipment? (check all that apply)
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