Latest DemiCon Updates

  • 2009.04.28 - DemiCon T-Shirt Sneak Preview!
    Here is a sneak preview of the beautiful DemiCon 20 T-Shirt you will be able to buy in the Dealer's Room!  NEW!

  • 2009.04.24 - Watch for DemiCon 20 commercials running on Sci Fi Channel!
    Running only in the Des Moines, Ames and Marshalltown area on MediaCom cable.
    Running 4pm-midnight (4 commercials each day on 4/24-4/26)
    Or watch it on the DemiCon Facebook Page!
    (you don't need to belong to Facebook to visit the DemiCon page)
    Be sure to scroll down to see the link. The commercial is 30 seconds long.  NEW!

  • 2009.04.23 - Volunteers are desperately needed!
    Please refer to this page to see the volunteer schedule and jobs. Please send us an e-mail specifying the positions, days and time brackets you're willing to help out. Volunteers help make our convention go - ANYONE can volunteer and EVERYONE is needed. There's something for everyone.  NEW!

  • 2009.04.09 - Programming schedule now available
    The Programming schedule and a rough draft of the program descriptions from the program book is now available on the programming page!

  • 2009.04.05 - Fhannish Film Festival Entry Submission Deadline Passes
    The deadline of April 1 has passed for submitting entries to the Fhannish Film Festival. We received at least two entries, so there will be a Fhannish Film Festival this year!

  • 2009.04.05 - Animé Schedule posted
    We've received and posted the schedule for the Animé room video presentations.

  • 2009.04.02 - Build-A-Blinkie Workshop Details announced
    Last year's Build-A-Blinkie Workshop was a big hit, so we're doing it again this year.

    The Hotel Fort Des Moines has graciously agreed to extend the room block until April 6.

    VERY IMPORTANT: When contacting the hotel to make a room reservation you MUST request rooms in the DEMICON room block. Anyone asking for rooms for May 1 - 3 without specifically mentioning DemiCon will be told the hotel is full.

    We have rooms. Don't take no for an answer. Request to speak to a manager if you must.

    If you do have any issues please contact Greg Abba immediately so we can get things resolved. If you know some one who has tried and failed to make a reservation please forward this information to them.

  • 2009.04.01 - Animé page is now available
    The Animé page is now available with details on an update from our new Animé Department Head on what he has planned.

  • 2009.04.01 - Venue D page is now available
    Want to have some stage time to show us what you can do? Sing, dance, act, tell jokes? The Venue D page is now available with details on information on how to book a performance.

  • 2009.04.01 - Masquerade pages are now available
    Been working on that costume all year? The Masquerade pages are now available with information on the Formal Masquerade and Hall Costume Contests and how to participate.

  • 2009.04.01 - Parties page is now available
    Would you like to throw a room party at DemiCon? The Parties page is now available to tell you how to do so.

    When trying to reserve rooms online the Hotel shows as full because of our room block. Anyone trying to reserve a room from the website should put "DemiCon" in the comment area. The hotel should be able to pick that up. We actually recommend calling directly and asking for the DemiCon room block. The phone numbers are Toll Free: 1-800-532-1466, Local: 515-243-1161.

  • 2009.03.19 - Programming Page available
    The Programming page is now available with details on some limited-attendance panels and other items. There will be more items added in the coming weeks.

  • 2009.03.11 - Music Room Page available
    The Music Room page is now available with details on some of the performers who will be present -- more to come!

  • 2009.03.02 - New print of Metropolis at DemiCon 20????
    Want to see the recently-discovered full print of the classic SF film "Metropolis"? If so, you must respond to our Metropolis interest poll ASAP!

  • 2009.02.27 - IMPORTANT HOTEL NEWS!
    Another large conference in town makes it vital to get your Hotel Ft. Des Moines room NOW or you won't be able to get ANY room at the hotel.

  • 2009.02.23 - Pre-registration by credit card or PayPal is now available!

  • 2009.02.23 - We are in need of someone to run the Animé Room at DemiCon 20!

  • 2009.02.23 - We need someone to coordinate the volunteers at DemiCon 20!

  • 2009.02.18 - A Mail-in registration form is now available!

  • 2009.02.09 - Here's a flyer you can use to help us promote DemiCon 20 at a con in your area!

  • 2009.01.03 - The Adult Registration rate is currently $45 through April 1, 2009, $35 One-Day, or $50 At-the-Door.

  • 2008.12.15 - The web site is under construction; if you'd like more information, please select one of the e-mail links below: