The duct tape has seemed to work in sticking down the panels, workshops, anime, music, performances and that is just a small sampling of what is available! Please take a look at our schedule for DemiCon 20. Just to let you know this may change a little if one of the panels wiggle free of the duct tape but it is stuck down pretty well. We also have the rough draft of the program area of the program book. Get a great idea of what is happening at DemiCon 20 this year.


Performances, panels and workshops oh my! Demicon is just around the corner and the programming is starting to take shape. We will be offering so many great opportunities you won't know what to do! If you want performances DemiCon is the place to be. Trans-Iowa Canal Company is back to wow their audiences, Venue D offers the chance for you to perform, Live music to tantalize your senses, Masquerade to be amazed by the costume creativity that is out there and that is just a taste of what is available. If you love games, we have all sorts. Play a version of Wheel of Fortune fannish style or yell out answers in DAGOBA's version of Win Lose or Draw. Don't forget the gaming room with many choices of games and rolesplaying galore. We have some old favorites and some new items planned. Here are a few highlights.

  • Coffee Chat with Joe Haldeman: Sit down and enjoy wonderful conversation with Joe Haldeman. Have a question for him? Just ask in this intimate setting. Must pre-register for this panel. Contact
    8 to 10 people. 10 a.m - 11 a.m., Saturday

If you want a hands on experience... Workshops are for you! Please take note that some of our workshops require registration. If you wish to attend please contact with the name of the panel.

  • Blinkie Workshop: The Blinkie Workshop is back. The first few hours are for newbies. The last few hours are for those more experienced that can purchase certain blinkie parts to make their own one of a kind Blinkie!

  • Sheila Lenkman Sewing Workshops: For DemiCon, Sheila Lenkman will be offering four workshops focusing on aspects of sewing that are hard to find information on these days. The workshops are free to Demicon members, but pre-registration is required. Each workshop will have a limit of 8 people, and will consist of 2 hours of demos and hands-on practice. If you sign up for this class, please contact us with a mailing address, and you will be sent more information about what supplies to bring, if any, to class.

    • Sewing with Sheila: Techniques I - Saturday 10 a.m. to Noon Also known as "Sewing with an iron", this class will focus on learning pressing techniques, using blocks and forms, and how and when to use steam. An essential part of tailoring, this art has become lost to our generation and can improve your skills dramatically.
      2 hours, limit 8 people.

    • Sewing with Sheila: Techniques II - Saturday 1:00 to 3 p.m. In this second class in the series, we will learn about edge-finishing techniques. Do you know the difference between topstitching and understitching? What is pickstitching? Learn about finishing your edges with piping, binding, and "Hong Kong" binding.
      2 hours, limit 8 people.

    • Sewing with Sheila: Techniques III - Sunday 10 a.m. to noon In the third class in the series, you will learn to set sleeves like a pro! Learn how to determine fit and the best ways to ease and gather. Learn about sleeve support (foundations and headers), and the different kinds of shoulder pads.
      2 hours, limit 8 people.

    • Sewing with Sheila: Techniques IV - Sunday 1:00-3 p.m. In this class we will learn about budget embellishment. If you have the time to sew, but not the money to buy fancy trims, you need to sign up for this class. Find out how to make the most of that cheap trim from the clearance rack, or from fabric yardage you already have. How to do basic machine embroidery on any Zig Zag machine, even that old thing your aunt gave you! Combine appliqués with fancy stitching to make a plain costume really pop.
      2 hours, limit 8 people.

You may register for a workshop using email by sending your name and the workshop(s) you want to participate in to: If there is still room available at these workshops, you will also be able to sign up at the convention.


  • Venue D - Have you watched the entertainment on DemiCon's main stage and thought, I can do that? If so, then Venue D is the place for you. We're looking for members that would like to provide five minutes of entertainment: dancing, comedy sketch, stand up comedy, or any other act that you think the audience will enjoy. We will provide the stage, lighting, and sound - you provide the entertainment. Slots are still available. If you'd like to be part of Venue D, please contact us at for more information.

    • 5 minute performance. Spaces still available
  • DemiCon Fhannish Film Festival - Get those Cameras running and join us in 2008! You know you have always wanted to make a movie or you have one that is hidden away and you want to show it. Here is your chance! So send your movies our way, you need not attend DemiCon to enter. More information...
  • Science Fiction Craft Show & Tell Panel - Are you crafty and paint figurine dragons or can you knit a sweater with Yoda swinging his lightsaber? This is the panel for you. Bring and show off your creative crafts and discuss how they are made. Don't miss out!

  • DemiCon Blood Drive - Once again we will be holding the blood drive on Saturday morning, May 2, from 9:30AM to 1:30PM. Please remember to drink plenty of fluids, eat a good meal before donating, and try to increase your iron intake before donating blood. We have had 3 successful blood drives and would like to continue this tradition. Our blood drive is inspired by the "Pay it forward" philosophy of Robert Heinlein and the Heinlein Society's blood drives.

  • DemiCon Eyeglasses Drive - Got old unused eyeglasses cluttering up your drawer? Donate them to a good cause! More Information...