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DemiCon 19
May 2-4, 2008

Latest DemiCon Updates

  • 4/30/2008 - IMPORTANT: The street in front of the Hotel Fort Des Moines main entrance (10th Street, on the hotel's WEST side) will be closed during DemiCon. Please use the entrance on the NORTH side (Walnut Street) for loading and unloading.

  • 4/30/2008 - IMPORTANT: The parking garage on 10th Street across from (east of) the Hotel Fort Des Moines entrance is STILL under construction and not available. Please use the Allied Parking lot behind (west of) the hotel or some other ramp. See the Parking page for more parking suggestions.

  • 4/30/2008 - IMPORTANT: The Hotel Fort Des Moines is COMPLETELY smoke-free this year. There is NO SMOKING anywhere on the premises.

  • 4/30/2008 - NEW!!! - The DemiCon 19 Program Book has been posted for your enjoyment in PDF format. (Note: File size is large - 2.88 MB)

  • 4/30/2008 - Some errors that prevented the Artist GoH sample artwork from appearing on Internet Explorer 6 for Windows have been corrected.

  • 4/28/2008 - Our Artist GoH has added DemiCon-related items to the store on his website, such as coffee mugs, tote bags and a baseball cap. He will be bringing coffe mugs to the con.

  • 4/28/2008 - Even more artwork samples added to Artist GoH Page!

  • 4/26/2008 - New artwork samples added to Artist GoH Page!

  • 4/26/2008 - The DemiCon 19 Program Book Cover art and T-shirt created by our Artist GoH now graces this page - thanks for the wonderful art, Mitchell!

  • 4/25/2008 - Lojo Russo will now be playing with our musical guest Adam Stemple. See the Music page for more details.

  • 4/25/2008 - The Hotel Fort Des Moines is now full, but please check for cancellations frequently. There are several other conventions in the area the same weekend as DemiCon, however.

  • 4/23/2008 - New Panel: Make Your Own Blinkie: Interested in building a blinkie?

  • 4/23/2008 - Lots of new information on our musical guests on the Music page.

  • 4/23/2008 - Interested in helping out at DemiCon? Our volunteer time grids are now posted on the Volunteers page.

  • 4/15/2008 - The Adult Pre-registration rate of $45 has expired. Registration is now available at the door for $50 for adults. See our Registration page for full details.

  • 4/1/2008 - The Hotel Fort Des Moines's DemiCon 19 room special rates have expired.

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