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DemiCon 19: May 2-4,2008

In just a few years the Music Room has become a DemiCon tradition and we are pleased to continue this programming track this year.

During the last several years attendees have been enjoying the music track in DemiCon's programming. This year we will, once again, feature a mix of performances, jamming, circles, and panels. The performers are musicians who are also fans, so things are certain to be interesting. Currently, we are still accepting musicians who wish to perform.


If you wish to perform, please email us at so that we can start working out where to fit you in in the schedule.

  Confirmed musicians:

The great Luke Ski (Dr. Demento favorite) (Contemporary Filk)

Adam Stemple (Singer/Songwriter/Celtic/Folk/Rock/Etc)
Adam Stemple has been playing music since the age of 6, first cello, then piano, then guitar. He plays most weekends with his Irish group, The Tim Malloys, and spends his days writing novels (has 3 out right now) and playing & teaching poker.

Eric Coleman (Songwriter/Singer/Sarcasm)
Eric is a songwriter/singer who lives in Ames IA. Over the last year or so he has become best known for his shirts. For any other questions go to the stage door after his show.

Ka Klick Martin (aka Bryan Baker) (Modern Folk and Rock)
Kaklick Martin makes some music that can be best described as the honkey tonk meets the metaverse, in the album "Roadhouse Ranch and Saloon" he sprinkles ideas like cybersex, furries and pose balls right along with the sawdust, traditional and futuristic at the same time. He also offers straight ahead rock along with social and political commentary in his album "Big Bad World". Kaklick took the stage in Second Life for the first time back in late 2005, so he is among SL's veteran performers and an early evangelist for the live music scene.

Flatland Ramblers (Celtic)
The Flatland Ramblers play Celtic and Old-Time tunes on acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin, cittern, flute, fife and whistle. They also brought a Jew's Harp, and they promise not to sing this year.

Orckes and Trolls (Madcap Folk)
Orckes & Trolles is a high-energy music trio that specializes in Celtic and piratey songs. Join their crew on Saturday at 2 p.m. in the music room for sing-along fun and a scurvy good time!

Possible Oscar (Comedy Music/Parody)
Possible Oscar is a Minneapolis, MN based comedy music act that specializes in original and parody songs in rock and hip hop styles. The band formed in 2005 with former members of the atomic rock band The Nick Atoms with the intention of exploring a creative direction that began in The Nick Atoms' waning days. Their musical topics range from video games to nerd love, with stops at comic books and notable Hollywood movie sound effects. They also enjoy wearing T-shirts with their band name on them.

Toyboat (Filk/Rock/Punk)
Filk gone horribly right. This is what happens when you take 4 musicians from completely different gene pools and make them play instruments that they aren't usually seen playing. Take some classic filk, some classic rock, some punk rock and some 80s hard rock and what do you get? Say it three times (as) fast and you've got Toyboat!

Beth Kinderman (Geek-Folk)
Beth Kinderman is a geek-folk singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her literate, clever songs about topics including Star Wars, cannibals, Farscape, Firefly, religion, and zombies have earned her comparisons to Jonathan Coulton and Leslie Fish. Frequently accompanied by her band, the Player Characters, she can be found performing at bars, coffee shops, pagan festivals, and sci-fi conventions across the Midwest. Her first CD, "All Of My Heroes Are Villains," was released in March. She makes her solo Iowa debut this weekend at DemiCon.

Here are some of the musician's we've enjoyed at previous year's DemiCons:

Lojo Russo (Folk/Rock)
Howlin' Beagle (aka Daniel Gunderson)(Modern Folk and Rock)
Samuel Travis Clemmons (writing / performing / storytelling / directing)
Howie Harrison (Filk, ask him about the birdie song)
Flash Girls (Folk/Rock)
Folk Underground (Folk/Rock)
Dave Clement (Folk / Filk)
Sandy Andina (Original Folk)
ATROPHY (Hard Rock)
Knotty Dog (Celtic / Folk)
Riverfolk (Original Folk / Filk)
Nate and Louie Bucklin (Original Folk / Filk)
Mother Beat (An All-Womyn Rhythm Circle)
Nancy Louise Freeman (Southwestern Folk, Filk, and Blues)


We are still considering ideas for music related panels. If you wish to propose an idea, feel free to let us know by emailing us at

Music Circles

Last year's music circles were a lot of fun. This year, we're going to it all over again with a folk circle structured as a standard 'pick, pass, or play' music circle. There will be no set leader, instead the control of the circle will pass around the circle, and each participant may choose to play a song, request a song from another circle member, or pass the choice on to the next person. As before, anyone is welcome to join in on a song. The choice passes from person to person, not the performance. If you have an instrument to bring to a circle, please do so, the more the better.

You may contact us with ideas, suggestions, requests and questions using this form.

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