Be part of DemiCon 31: Legion of DemiCon – “Contaminated” Online Convention

DemiCon Department Heads are working on an online version of DemiCon with interactive elements as well as video items.  

One of these areas is the DemiCon Channel which is normally shown during DemiCon.  DMSFFS will be taking it to YouTube for this event and making a channel there much like Netflix or Hulu.

This is where you, our attendees, can help out.  We are inviting you to participate by sending in a video for use by DMSFFS on the DemiCon Channel.  By doing so, you are giving DMSFFS permission to post it on the YouTube DemiCon Channel as well as possibly use for other DMSFFS and DemiCon purposes in the future.  

Guidelines –

  • Video needs to be G, PG, or PG-13
  • Videos length – at most 30 minutes, if longer please contact the DemiCon Channel to discuss. 
  • If you use music, you need to have performance permission for online use for your music or you can also find free music at:
    giving credit to the musician(s) involved.
  • Keep entries something that would be at DemiCon so something that supports literacy, science and/or the arts. If you have a science fiction, fantasy or gaming theme that includes villains-  even better but not required. 
  • Be creative and have fun.  Remember Social Distancing please.  If you have ten people or more together on the video at once-  the DemiCon Channel will not use it.
  • No sponsored products or commercial advertising unless a pro guest or artist and that particular pro guest or artist is advertising their own work.
  • Include your name, name of the panel and also the names of any people connected to the production of the video.
  • Please also note if the video or program is directly intended to be viewed by children.  YouTube now has specific rules regarding this type of programming so someone from the DemiCon channel might contact you with further questions.
  • The due date for all videos unless noted is Saturday, April 25, 2020.
  • The DemiCon Channel producer and video production staff have the right to edit or not use a video if the guidelines are not met.  
  • Additionally front titles and end titles may be added to the video along with a possible introduction.  The video may be edited for material or length but you will be contacted if that sort of change needs to be made.

Format for the DemiCon Channel (DC31) YouTube:

  • Prefer .mov or .mp4 formats.
  • Can be 4:3 or 16:9.
  • Can be HD 1080/60i or SD 480/60i or variations on that.
  • Standard audio formats and bit rate.

If you don’t understand the above format-  you can record with a phone or tablet and it should be fine.   Shoot in a landscape style (and not vertically) as that is the style which is normally shown on YouTube.   DemiCon Channel production staff will add title and credits to the video (if they are not already present) so let us know what you would like those to be.

Prefer upload your video via WeTransfer (app or and share it with or but the DemiCon Channel staff (Joe) can also download from most cloud servers like and icloud.  Again just send a link to or


If you are an author -the DemiCon Channel invites you to read a section of your book and then talk about your process. Let your audience  know where you can purchase your books at the end of the video.


Some of you have the capabilities of showing what you draw/create and how you do it. Please video yourself as you are doing your artsy endeavor.  Also add where people can purchase your artwork at the end of the video if you would like to do so.

Gamers :

The DemiCon Channel invites you to play your favorite games and talk about why you love them. Or even do game show and tell. There are a lot of great games out there and this would be a terrific way to let other SF&F fans know about them. Share your love!


Could your panel be done as a video? If so, please record your panel and send it in.


The people connected with DemiCon know a lot of you have completed or almost finished costumes for DemiCon and the DemiCon Channel staff wants you to show them off in a virtual cosplay.  Send  picture(s)/images or a short 10-15 second video of you in your costume.  Due date is Thursday, April 30, 2020.  This gives you a little bit more time than most of the other video submissions for the DemiCon channel.  The people connected with DemiCon know how costumers sometimes like to do things at the last minute.

Share an Evil Villain Laugh:

You all have one.  Really.  Send us a video of your evil villain laugh and the DemiCon Channel staff will put a montage together.

Creative People:

We invite you to make creative 10 to 15 second videos that are villain themed.  It may be used for a montage, filler or interstitials between shows.

Ideas on things to say or do:

  • Welcome to DemiCon Channel! It’s refreshing to walk around the virtual world …
  • Isn’t it nice that the Joker gave us time off of work.
  • Okay, which villain did this?
  • Emergency announcement for social distancing and what to do to survive a villain attack.
  • Things to do from home when you are bored.
  • How do you practice social distancing?

Also if you have green screen capabilities – the DemiCon production staff can play with that as well though mention what you might want as a background. (We can not do this unless you video yourself on green screen or use green fabric so we edited it with a back ground.) 

If you have other ideas for the DemiCon Channel, please contact and let us know. The DemiCon Channel producer and video production staff might have it already or the space may be open just for you.

Updated Statement Regarding COVID-19

Late in the day Saturday, March 14 the Iowa Department of Public Health confirmed community spread of COVID-19 in Iowa. At the time of this announcement they also asked that event organizers begin to act on their contingency plans and to not hold gatherings of 250 or more people.

Health and safety are always foremost on our mind. While we are still a little over six weeks away from DemiCon weekend we have made the difficult decision to no longer hold an in person DemiCon 31.

Many people have put a lot of time and hard work into programming and costuming. We are looking into the logistics of holding an abbreviated, all online convention. Expect more information in the next days and weeks.

We also recognize that many small businesses and artists depend on conventions for a substantial portion of their annual income and they are being especially impacted by this and other cancellations. We are working on ways to support our artist and dealers.

For our attendees, we will transfer all convention memberships to DemiCon 32 where we will return with a bigger and better convention than ever before. If you would like a refund instead, please use the below form and we will refund the cost of your convention membership.

All conventions have upfront costs associated with them. If you would like to support our organization and our mission, we are accepting donations. As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization any donation you make is tax deductible. You can make donations through our Square site ( or by sending a check to Des Moines Science Fiction and Fantasy Society, PO Box 7572, Des Moines, IA 50323-7572. You can also use the below form to convert your membership into a one-time donation instead of transferring it to DemiCon 32.

The hotel will not be automatically cancelling reservations. If you made a reservation, please contact the Holiday Inn Northwest at (515) 278-4755 to cancel.

We will miss seeing all of you May 1-3 but encourage everyone to join us for our other events and gatherings throughout the year. The Des Moines Science Fiction and Fantasy Society meets every month on the second and fourth Friday.

In addition, we host mini convention-like events on Labor Day weekend and around New Years. Both of those events are free to attend.

Finally, we also have our DemiCon Lite events throughout the year that center around workshops and other educational topics.

For more information join us on Facebook ( or check our website ( If you have any questions or concerns, please contact or

Refund Request Form

Statement Regarding COVID-19

Over the last 30 years we’ve experienced a lot together, but the current situation with COVID-19 is certainly a new one for us.

First and foremost, as a 100 percent volunteer run convention, we consider all of our attendees family.

To be clear – currently there are no plans to cancel DemiCon 31. The risk, today, in Iowa is still considered low.

We recognize the overall situation is rapidly changing. Per CDC guidelines we are making several different contingency plans and have reached out to both the State of Iowa and county health departments, as well as the convention hotel. Health and safety are foremost on our minds.

Around the country many conventions, conferences and other public events are currently having very difficult conversations. We are one of them. As we continue to have those internal conversations and get further guidance from public health officials we will keep you informed of any major decisions or changes. Expect updates at least weekly – on Friday by end of day.

Please know that if you are not comfortable attending the convention we understand. If you are sick or not feeling well we ask that you stay home. If you have already purchased your convention membership we are happy to roll it over to next year. If that is not an option we will work with you on getting you a refund.

To request a transfer to DemiCon 32 or to request a refund, please use the below form:

Transfer or Refund RequestForm

Call for Programming

Thinking about running a panel, workshop or some other type of programming? Want to run a gaming session in the game rooms?

Head over to the programming page and submit your ideas to us with our sign-up forms.

New this year we also have a form for anyone who is interested in sitting on a panel but maybe doesn’t want to organize it themselves. Fill out the form with your contact information and what you are interested in and we’ll see if we can find a suitable panel to place you on.

Thinking of hosting a room party?

Are you thinking of hosting a room party at DemiCon 31?

All room parties must be on the 5th floor of the hotel. In order to ensure you get placed on the 5th floor it is crucial that you let us know about your plans.

Please complete the room party sign-up form so we can make sure you are on the correct floor. We’ll even work with the hotel to remove the room’s furniture if you want more space!

Attention all Artists!

Art Show registration is now open for DemiCon 31.

All art must be entered into our online registration system and artists are strongly encouraged to complete their registration online prior to arriving at the convention in order to avoid delays checking in. We will have a computer available at the Art Show for any artist who has not entered their art in advance.

Rules and registration can be found here:

Attention Costumers!

We have posted the sign-up form for the Masquerade & Cosplay that will be happening on Saturday of the convention.

To sign up head over to the Registration page. Not sure what Masquerade & Cosplay is? You can read up on it under our Contests.

If you don’t want to participate in the Masquerade & Cosplay but still want to make a costume then you should also think about entering the Hall Costume Competition.