Other Guests

(in alphabetical order)

The following guests have been confirmed to be attending DemiCon 21.

Watch this page for more confirmed guests as we get closer to DemiCon.

Janny Wurts - author, artist, musician

Janny Wurts has written several series, including the Wars of Light and Shadow, The Cycle of Fire trilogy, several stand-alone novels, a short story collection and the internationally best selling Empire Trilogy that she co-authored with Raymond E. Feist. Beyond writing, Janny's award winning paintings have been showcased in exhibitions of imaginative artwork, among them a commemorative exhibition for NASA's 25th Anniversary; the Art of the Cosmos at Hayden Planetarium in New York; and two exhibits of fantasy art, at both the Delaware Art Museum, and Canton Art Museum. In her spare time Janny is an accomplished musician and has won competitions in bagpiping.

Glen Cook - author

Glen is best known for his stellar military fantasy series, The Black Company.

Shirley Damsgaard - author

Shirley Damsgaard lives right here in central Iowa. She is the author of the Ophelia and Abby books - mysteries with a paranormal touch.

Denise Garner - artist

John Garner - artist

John and Denise Garner have both been going to science fiction conventions since the 1980s. Both have won many awards for their artwork at conventions throughout the Midwest, and with good reason. They are DemiCon favorites for their friendly personalities, as well as for their art. While John seeks the holy grail of the most decadent chocolate dessert in the universe, Denise makes, wears, and sometimes sells exotic hats.

W J Hodgson - artist

Bill Johnson - author

Bill Johnson is a Hugo-award winning science fiction writer whose works often have a "regional" tone influenced by his South Dakota origins

Erin McKee - artist

Erin has been painting professionally for the past thirty years. However, she's been an artist all of her life. Erin's style blends a realistic style with elements of fantasy. While working primarily in acrylics, pastels, and lately digital media, she has also done works on scratch board and with pen & ink.

Adam Stemple - author, musician, songwriter

Adam is a DemiCon favorite who often appears in the music room and is also a talented author of several fantasy novels and short stories.

Lettie Prell - author

Lettie Prell is another Iowa author. Her first novel is Dragon Ring, new in 2008 with Flying Pen Press. Lettie is also currently editor of The Broadsheet, the newsletter of Broad Universe, an organization of science fiction, fantasy and horror writers.

Adam J Whitlatch - author

An Iowa resident, Adam is the author of numerous horror and science fiction short stories, as well as the novels "The Blood Raven: Retribution" and "E.R.A. - Earth Realm Army".

Stephen Zimmer - author & filmmaker

Stephen is the author of books such as The Exodus Gate and a maker of films such as The Sirens featured on the Indie Movie Masters CD series Festival of Horrors Volume One.