Guest of Honor - Sara Butcher

DemiCon 20 welcomes Sara Butcher as our Artist Guest of Honor. Sara Butcher's work comes mostly from self-motivation to learn the human figure. The daughter of an art teacher and a crafter creative, her interest in art began at an early age. Finding strength and inspiration in the spirituality of Christianity, her work has become all encompassing for love, peace, harmony, and honor. One of our local artists, Sara teaches art to children and teenagers at the Des Moines Art Center.

Check out Sara Butcher's website for more of her beautiful art.

Artist Guest of Honor Sara Butcher

Below are some samples of our Guest of Honor's work:

"Quiet Time"

"Turn To Hesed"

"Day Dreamer"
"Heavenly Host"

"Morning Hues"

"Nature Fairy"



"Her Tranquility"
"Hollyhock Princess"

"Shadowsong's Balcony"
"Swan Lake"