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How to get involved in DemiCon

DemiCon 18: May 18-20, 2007

DemiCon is an interactive Adventure! Follow the links below to find fun, fhannish ways to be involved.

  • You can volunteer at the convention and help us to make it the best weekend for Sci-Fi and fantasy fans in Iowa.
  • You can create a costume and enter it in the hall costume contest on Friday night or in the Masquerade on Saturday night. And, even if you don't want to enter the contests, you can still wear your costume around the convention.
  • You can enter one of your pieces of art in the Artshow for display or even to sell.
  • You can become a ConSuite sponsor and help our ConSuite to be the best in the Midwest.
  • You can participate in several workshops and activities that are being planned in the programming events. You can make a hat, attend a poker workshop, learn some yoga or Tai Chi, make your own boffo sword, attend the acting or Belly Dance workshops. As attendance is limited at most workshops, you can Signup over the web to reserve your spot.
  • You can perform your talent or your lightning talk or your belly dance at Venue D.
  • You can become a TICC sponsor. Contact Les Roth for more information about this.
  • You can participate in the events and contests that DemiCon 18 is sponsoring. These include:

Prior to the convention, this was a form allowing you to contact the appropriate department head.
If you wish to contact the Des Moines Science Fiction Society, please email
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