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DemiCon 18: May 18-20, 2007

Click on these buttons to view the programming grids.

Attention... Attention... The progamming grid is locked down and loaded. At this time there will be no more giggling nor wiggling of panels, so please eat your jello and enjoy. There are a few places left for those that would like to be on one of the panels. If you are interested in being one of the panelist please email or use the form below. See you at DemiCon 18!

Programming Highlights

We are planning DemiCon 18's schedule. We have some old favorites and some new items planned. Here are a few highlights.

  • Workshops and Limited Attendance Panels
    • Learn how to Play Texas Hold'em with professional poker player Adam Stemple on Saturday at 1 p.m. in the Gaming Room. You've seen it on TV and the internet but how do you actually play this game and what in the heck is a "button"? There are a limited number of people who can sit at the table. If you want to be at the table to learn this strategic game please email But if you want to watch please come and stand around the table. This is not a Hold'em tournament but a how-to play workshop.
    • Coffee Chat with Catherine Asaro: Sign up to attend this wonderful opportunity. Enjoy coffee and conversation with our author guest of Honor, Catherine Asaro. Attendance is limited to 10 persons.
    • Neelix's Kitchen: Explore a sampling of cuisine from different worlds. Take a culinary journey to the far reaches of space with your Talaxian guides. Attendance is limited to 15 persons. Be careful if you have food allergies (especially to gagh).
    • Make Your Own Boffo Sword: Spend an hour in this workshop creating your own basic boffo sword. There is a $5 charge to participate for the supplies. Permission by parent/guardian must be given in writing in order for a con attendee under the age of 18 to participate in this panel. Attendance is limited to 15 persons.
    • Instant Masterpiece: Create a piece of artwork with your friends and colleagues. The finished works will be auctioned at the art show. This year's theme will be Tarot. Colored pencils will be provided. Bring your own art supplies if you prefer. Workshop is limited to 10 people.
    You may register for a workshop using email by sending your name and the workshop(s) you want to participate in to: or use the form below. If there is still room available at these workshops, you will also be able to sign up at the convention.
  • Venue D - Venue D - Have you watched the entertainment on DemiCon's main stage and thought, I can do that? If so, then Venue D is the place for you. We're looking for members that would like to provide five minutes of entertainment: dancing, comedy sketch, stand up comedy, or any other act that you think the audience will enjoy. We will provide the stage, lighting, and sound -- you provide the entertainment. Slots are still available. If you'd like to be part of Venue D, please contact us at for more information.
    • Venue D Variety Show: 5 minute performance. Spaces still available
  • Young Writer's Contest - DemiCon 18 is pleased to announce that our Guest of Honor Catherine Asaro and noted author Rob Chilson have agreed to judge our “Young Writer's” contest. In order to promote literacy and the interest in the genres of fantasy and science fiction, DemiCon will present the winner of this year’s contest with a membership to DemiCon 19, to be held May 2-4, 2008. Our winner and finalists will have the opportunity to read their entries at the Award presentation at 1:00 p.m. on May 20 at the convention. Click on this Young Writer's Contest link for more information.
  • DemiCon Fhannish Film Festival - Welcome to our first fhannish film festival. We know you love movies and you probably have tried to make one. We want you too have the opportunity to show your talent and stories. So send your movies our way, you need not attend DemiCon 18 to enter.

    Entry Guidelines:

    • The movie length must be 10 minutes or less.
    • The movie must be capable of being rated PG-13 or less.
    • Topic needs to be science fiction, fantasy, fhanndom or parody of any of the above.
    • The movie must be made by a fhan.
    • The movie must be submitted in DVD format.
    • Each Entry must be on its own individual DVD disk.
    • All entries must be original works by the entrant. Entrants are limited to 3 entries for this contest.
    • If you want your entry back, you must include a self-addressed return envelope and return postage.
    • All Entries are due by May 1st, 2007.
    • DemiCon takes no responsibility for lost or damaged disks during the contest. Please provide only copies not originals or masters.
    • DemiCon will have the right to show the movies during DemiCon 18. DemiCon reserves the right to select what movies are shown.
    • If you are attending DemiCon, you may choose to give a brief introduction before your movie is shown.
    • Prizes will be awarded for Judges Choice and Fhans’ Choice.

    Send entries to:

    DemiCon 18 Programming
    c/o Amanda Arthur
    1009 45th Street
    West Des Moines, IA 50266

  • DemiCon 18 Blood Drive - Once again we will be holding the blood drive on Saturday morning, May 19, from 9:30AM to 2:30PM. Please remember to drink plenty of fluids, eat a good meal before donating, and try to increase your iron intake before donating blood. We have had 2 successful blood drives and would like to continue this tradition. Our blood drive is inspired by the “Pay it forward” philosophy of Robert Heinlein and the Heinlein Society’s blood drives. You may sign up online using instructions here: Blood Drive Online Scheduling. You may also sign up at the convention. You can view the donor eligibility requirements here.

Prior to the convention, this was a form allowing you to contact the appropriate department head.
If you wish to contact the Des Moines Science Fiction Society, please email
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