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Art Show

DemiCon 17: July 28-30, 2006

DemiCon 17 is pleased to have Janet Chui as our Artist Guest of Honor. She does wonderful pictures of fairies and other fantastic creatures. A special favorite of gamers is her artistic rendering and portrait adoption of their RPG characters.

The DemiCon Art Show is one of the finest in the Midwest. We get artists of all fannish genres from all over the world (though many of them are from the Midwest). So, if you are looking for wonderful Science Fiction and Fantasy art, look no further; DemiCon is the place for you!
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If you are an artist, DemiCon is a wonderful place to sell your art. Additionally, if you wish to improve your technique, and/or try something new, there will be professional artists at the convention who can offer advice.

Artists at the convention will also be giving art demonstrations and leading discussion groups. There will be an Art Show Tour in which visiting artists and convention attendees 'tour' the Art Show discussing anything from artistic techniques to "Ooh, I like that one." There will be space (and some really natural lighting during the day) in the show itself where you can pick up a brush or other such utensil and let your creativity roam.

Green Heart Faery Picture Convention attendees will be able to bid, and make quick sale purchases on pieces in the art display area as well as purchase print shop pieces. We accept cash and check; however, we are not able to accept credit cards from buyers. The Art Show will be open for sales and viewing for several hours each day and pieces will also be sold at auction on Saturday night. Convention attendees will pay for and pick up any art they purchase on Sunday between 10:00am and 12:00pm. Treeman

Check out our other Art Show pages to learn how our show works, to learn how to enter our show and if you're familiar with displaying art at our convention - to get a quick link to the forms you need to use to enter our show.


Prior to the convention, this was a form allowing you to contact the appropriate department head.
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