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One of the most fun parts of any convention is registering for it, months in advance. Then you get to spend the intervening time dreaming of how great the convention is going to be, and how much fun you'll have there. Isn't that better than waiting for the next Star Wars movie?

You can request a registration through the mail, or online. You can also view the list of people who have already registered. Remember, if you can point to your name on the list to someone whose name isn't on the list yet, they owe you a backrub. Honest.

To register via the mail, please send the following information:

  1. Real name -- first and last

  2. Badge name (the name you want on your badge, if different from your real name)

  3. Street address (online registrants: we can get this info from your shipping address)

  4. City, state, and zip (online registrants: we can get this info from your shipping address)

  5. Phone number (with area code)

  6. E-mail address (optional)
  7. Birthday -- day, month, and year (not optional if you plan to wear an "over 21" badge during the weekend)

and payment to:

DemiCon the 13th
PO Box 7572
Des Moines, IA 50322-7572

If you have any difficulty registering online or through the mail, please contact our Registration Coordinator.

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